Harvey Sleazestein

This bloke is screwed and it looks like anyone who enabled or protected him along his sleazy journey will be screwed too. The Rolf Harris of Hollywood.

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You mean like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, most of the Democrat party, almost everyone in Hollywood?

The only screwed person will be him, everyone else will claim ignorance.


Oh well if he loses his job he can allways run for president.

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As a Democrat because that’s what he is.

It will be very difficult for anyone who has associated with him to claim ignorance.

Easy does it Republican Joe


That recording in the link above is appalling. No isn’t an option for that girl.

I’m not Republican.

That sounds like something a Republican would say


Well the Democrats and Republicans go the same country clubs, it’s all just a bit of locker room talk.

Is there anyone who hasn’t come out and said this guy touched them?

What changed for Weinstein’s contemporaries and associates to finally turn on him after decades of predatory behaviour? Why now?


Sleaziness transcends politics.

Has he gone bankrupt?

Keep hearing this will be just the start and this behaviour is rife in Hollywood, no surprise.

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Utterly disgraceful and criminal behavior. The expose in The New Yorker by Ronan Farrow (son of Mia Farrow) is heartbreaking to read. I had to take a break midway. What a f’ing monster but as my mrs said, there is a lot more of this behavior that goes unreported. What a pathetic excuse for a human being…

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Ashley Judd was willing to put her name to the story, her name was big enough that people would notice, and the reporter had an editor with the guts to publish.

He must have â– â– â– â– â– â–  off Soros.

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A Judd’s claims against Weistein have been public knowledge for several years but they have only gained traction in recent days.

Inevitably, and regrettably, the conversation will be expanded by those willing to mitigate Weinstein’s behaviour to include the victim’s reluctance to say no or to fight him off as a form of tacit approval. “They didn’t complain so they must have liked it”. You can guarantee the victims will be blamed for this.

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