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Ask him if he knows anyone who’s good in your area.
I know there’s a few EP practises northside but really you need someone who specialises in musc-skeletal stuff.


It’s always a good feeling to get good numbers from the doctor. Especially since you tried to change things.

keep doing what you are doing


Is anyone in the marathon on Sunday? I’m thinking of doing the 10km if there are still places.


Not this year, I ran last years, it is probably the best marathon to do in Australia IMO.
I will only be running park run on the weekend. Ran 19:01 saturday, hoping to go under 19 this week.


for how far?


5 kilometres.
surely you have heard of Park Run - free timed 5km runs around the country. There is probably one or more in your suburb.


Any tips on strengthening my knee stability?
Years of basketball and now carrying a few extra kgs has weakened my knees to the point where if I skip at boxing or jog my knees ache for days and limit my ability to get consistent training in.


That doesn’t sound like stability to me, sounds closer to arthritis.

(Obviously, not a doc, nor a physio)


Hope not. It’s more from repetitive impact like skipping or jogging.
I can do stair climbs without an issue.

I really don’t know what it is but it sucks when Im trying to lose weight but am limited with what I can do


Yeah a mate had it come on pretty young, like 22 odd. Almost always after he ramped up training or running (he played footy and cricket at that point).
It’s managed pretty well by drugs these days, no big deal.

Probably can manage it with lower impact training - bike and swimming, not running or jogging.


Arthritis you’ll typically find once you get to X point that pain kicks in, and that you can’t really manipulate your training to raise the ceiling of what X is.
Likely to have a previous injury history to that joint or be getting it (to a degree) in multiple joints as well.

The patella/quadriceps tendon would cop more of a beating skipping/jogging than getting up stairs so that’s where I’m inclined to be leaning towards (effectively tennis elbow for your knee or jumper’s knee as it’s called).
If it’s really bothering you it’s worth getting it checked out as the $100 (less any private health) for a physio could well save you a world of hurt down the track.
Otherwise my best advice is to ease into skipping/running and also work on strengthening the tendons around your knee joint (so squats done slow and controlled progressing to lunges done in the same manner)


Well I did 1:07:16 for the 10km this morning as part of the Melbourne Marathon event. Pathetic as a time, I know, but I’m happy. Merely to arrive is to win is my motto with these things. And mass events like this are fun. 34,000 participants this year, apparently. I treated myself to a fruit bun for afternoon tea and a homemade martini as a pre-dinner cocktail.


Thanks guys. Always appreciate feedback and helpful suggestions. I’ll keep working on them and seek some professional advice as well


Could be your IT Band as well, worth going to a physio to assess. I had issues with jogging but top of the leg/hip. Physio helped heaps.


@bugman5 has been bragging about doing 54.54 in the 10km.


Today? I’ve done that, but a while ago


Yeah today. It was really warm for a run today though.


Turns out the Munich marathon was on today. Not sure on the exact course but it included running through the major part of the city centre. Warm day and there were a few still going after 2:00pm. Heaps were catching the U-bahn (presumably post-race…) which made air quality on the train an issue.


Great effort then. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I used to have a certificate pinned up in the kitchen saying that I did 10 km in 48 minutes but that was a long time ago, the course was overall downhill, and I’m sure it was short too.

I’ve always regarded 60 minutes as par. I used to break it every time, but not the last few years.


Well done Shelton, I had a mate run Melbourne as well he said it was hot.

I ran 18:47 at park run this week, so I was pretty happy.
Did it without a watch as well as left it at home.