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Who said he stopped?


At the very least you have to slow down a lot, so the 15yo manning the drive-through can take your order.


They had a food station every lap roughly ten kms.
He ate one cheeseburger, stuffed the other one in his pocket, had a swig of the milkshake, then shuffled off drinking as he jogged. We met up with him a bit later to get the rubbish.
He’s also another Essendon supporter.


You would need a fair amount of food on a 10-hour, 100 km run. I’m surprised he didn’t eat more. But I would have expected regular intakes of protein bars and things like that rather than cheeseburgers and thickshakes. Did all the runners eat things like that?


Ohh he had his proper running food too dont worry.

Some of them had potatoes, peas and corn, gels, protein bars, etc.

My mates nutrition was cans of coke 200ml x 6, Hydralyte, Gatorade x 2, Water, Bananas, 3 x clif bars, 8 x endura gels, redbull x 2, pretzels,
also Nurofen & Glucodin.
and he was the only one who had the maccas

Dont think he got through all the food, there was plenty of food left over from all the competitors,
9/10 competitors finished and the other one did 81kms.


6 runs in and I have knee pain! Underneath the knee so I’m thinking “runners knee” rather than IT issues, although I do have tight IT bands, but usually in my hips, never had knee issues before.

Anyone else had this and been able to keep going. I’ll ask my physio at Pilates next week but wanting other advice. I just started and don’t want to stop again!


I usually have tight IT bands after marathons. (usually if i try and start running again too soon and dont rest enough)

  • foam roller on quads, and near knee, you need to do more stretching as well - Quad stretch, hamstring stretch and hip flexor stretch.
    If its painful rest is good.
    If pain is only 1/10 run if more stop.

Pilates should help


Disclaimer: definitely ask your physio instead of taking my suggestion

Probs just getting used to being worked over again. Rest it for a couple of days then try again.


Lol haven’t seen a bot in this place for a while.


Yup, injuries are supply (what your body/structures can do/withstand) and demand (what you’re asking it do to).
When demand exceeds supply you get hurt.


Just popped in to flaunt the fact that I’ve purposefully lost 10kgs over the last 7 weeks. Only about 3 or 4 away from my ideal weight :slight_smile:
Go me!


Impressive. How have you done it?




Heather Mills countdown timer: 34m



Well, first I experimented a little.

I was about 12-15kg over what I’m comfortable at, and that has accumulated over about 3 years - basically, since I stopped smoking - and I decided I needed to do something about it. I have a particularly determined mindset when I set myself to do something.

I don’t eat badly in any case - hardly ever have takeaway - other than the odd noodles. Almost no soft drinks other than what goes into an occasional alcoholic beverage. I don’t eat chips, chocolates or anything like that.

My first stage, was cutting out heavy carbs and starches, to see how it affected me. I took out all bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and similar. I substituted the lack of carbs with protein (under 10%). I did this for about 2 weeks, and weighed myself every Sunday morning. The net result was - a .5kg weight-gain.

My next stage, was reducing my overall kilojoule intake. Standard for me is about 8.7k, which I brought down to 5.5k average - a 2k reduction, minimum, while maintaining the low carbs plan - still under 10%. This brought steady decrease in weight and BMI - about 1.5kg pw.

My general diet at the moment, goes something like this:

0800-ish - Breakfast - Coffee, Banana (have omitted the boiled egg 2 weeks ago to reduce LDI cholesterol)

1300 - My ‘health bowl’ This is a small bowl of stuff I have everyday - which I’ve come to absolutely love. Half can tuna in spring water, 100g mixed beans & legumes, 8 olives, 2 tbl sundried tomatoes, pickled vegies such as peppers, eggplant, cauliflower. Every other day, I’ll add a bottle of Kombucha to this - otherwise it’s water.

1900 - Dinner. I’m the cook in the house. We eat a lot of fish, some chicken, occasional red meat (under once a week) as protein. I usually include at least 3 times as much greens and veggies to meat in dinner. For example, tonight I’ve just had stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms/peppers/spring onions wrapped in prosciutto (a kind of involtini), steamed broccolini, and a cob of corn. Last night, I had crispy skin salmon on a salad of kale, capsicum, pine nuts, with grilled spicy zucchini wedges.

When I feel hungry in between meals, I have a tea. Maybe a coffee if a little bit lethargic. I don’t have more than 3 coffees a day - usually have 1 or 2.

The next stage for me - when I hit my desired weight, will be to begin to balance out my proteins and carbs while starting my workouts again.


Here’s where we need Jimmy back!!
(Or go find your own EP)


The lack of a shisha-on-the-bench joke was a bit of a giveaway…


I might just ask him on Facebook. But I hate asking professionals for detailed free advice (mostly because I cop it too)


Just came back from the quack, with blood analysis to see how I’m going, and I’m very pleased. Doctor is also impressed. In 3 months, have lost over 10kg with 4 more to go. Blood sugar great, cholesterol down to 2.1, heart rate back to where it usually is, low 60’s, blood pressure 115/74. So all looking great and my personal nutrition regime is working nicely.
Deckham - clap clap clap


well played, sir.