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Those are two different things

Lose weight overall and you’ll lose fat. No guarantees on which fat goes first, everyone carries it slightly differently, blame genetics.

Get stronger through the guts by doing resistance training. Palof (?) presses, pilates, deadlifts, crunches, bridging, etc etc.


Well all the other advice on eating less is no fun.

If you want to have fun doing it start squatting. Go the gym 3 times a week but no silly machines or dumbbell curls. Squat 3 times a week and add in the other big compound movements(bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, rows and pull ups).

You will,
Have fun.
Burn fat
Build muscle
Get stronger.
Build a strong core.
Increase testosterone(helps mood, energy, sleep and metabolism).
Get compliments that you’ve been working out.

Way more enjoyable than going for a jog. Find your inner teenage masculinity and throw some heavy weights around. Just make sure you start off light and do it with proper form.


And beer guts are an indicator of visceral fat, the bad fat. It’s probably more important to look at what your eating rather than just less.

Eat more protein, good fats and fiber.

Eat less refined carbs, sugar and alcohol.

You could actually end up eating more if you clean up the diet.


Long shot but does anyone know or have any experience with this product

Looking for something to do bodyweight exercises (limited space at home) That doesn’t involve hanging stuff from my door frames

I’m usually pretty sceptical about equipment like this (and for good reason)


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Might be better off with an assorted bunch of therabands. Cheaper, easier to store, more flexible.


$199 probably wouldn’t even cover the raw materials (ok, it probably covers those but still lol).

Looking at the little exercise sheet on the website there’s only a handful you actually need that thing to do.
A couch/bench, an adjustable dumbbell/kettlebell/barbell and a band or two would accomplish the same set of exercises.


Good point

Just wanted something to do inverted rows on
Literally can’t hang anything in my house (trx or rings). Tried to do them off a table but the table nearly collapsed on me lol


Personally I’d buy the Jack Rack, Therabands and kettlebells and build an epic slingshot.


Invest in a personal trainer. It’s worth it.


Yeah that kinda sucks cos they’re a good exercise


So I have been getting up early to get to the gym 5am

I drink some water before hand and obviously during the workout (close to 1.5lt)

But towards the end of workout, 45 mins in I start to feel light headed

I am assuming that is the body low on glucose? Technically I am still in a fasted state


More than likely.
Your body will adapt, just gently nudge the threshold of how long you can train before it kicks in.


My cardiovascular fitness has been shizen for a number of years.
Hoping to improve this, last weekend I tackled the 1000 Steps with bltn Jnr to obtain a gauge/starting point.

My previous 2 attempts (2014ish & 1/17) resulted in a time of 18.40 (I know, I’m unfit).
Interestingly, last Saturday I felt like I was struggling and was fully expecting the time to be worse.
I was surprised when I got to the top at 16.40.

I was in a fasted state (no breakfast).
My diet is borderline Keto so I’m somewhat Fat Adapted, which may go some way to explaining the 2 min time improvement.
The only other meaningful difference in the last 18 months, is that my work has become more physical in terms of medium level lifting.
Not sure how this would help with a cardio workout, but I guess if overall conditioning improves, then the body’s ability to perform improves.

Anyhow, I just thought the 2min time improvement was interesting, given my perception was that i was going super slow, and heart beat levels elevated.

Werribee Gorge State Park planned for this weekend.
Has anyone hiked there ?


Didn’t someone go missing or die there recently?


Started running again as got sick of dumb condescending class instructors. Even the ones which give thrust and hold a new meaning.

I’ve had meniscus removed and a clean up years ago and it’s just starting to get a dull ache after a run that’s more annoying than painful. I strap it, I’ve got new runners on advice but it’s just impossible to run 10 ks without hitting the pavement.

If anyone’s got anything to suggest I’d be greatful. Otherwise it’s off to the 40 plus thread for me.


Hoka one one


You’re running 10km off no running prep?


[email protected]
Hoka one shoes have lots of cushining, supposedly a softer ride for your joints.
I would probably look at reducing your distance. And maybe including a walk run.
Ie only do 5km and pain free.
Have a day off between runs.

Also run on trail rather than road/ashphalt.

If running is still no good try swimming.

I had a friend who had a knee operation too and they removed some of meniscus. I remember the doctor said to them not to run marathons or half marathons anymore, so she changed her focus to triathlons, and does more varied workouts on the bike and swimming.
She still got through a half Ironman last year, but doesn’t do a heap of running on it maybe a couple of times a week. And it has flared up in the past.


Why not try some other form of aerobic exercise that’s lower-impact? Walking. The elliptical trainer in the gym.

I don’t think I’d be running if I had no meniscus in one leg.


Lack of a meniscus? Not sure that’s the issue for me.