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No did the Burnie ten and had three or for 7 - 8 k runs before. I got told not to do a full ten before the race but fk knows what the logic was. Don’t know why but just kept it up after then.
Lonny has heaps of hills which may have something to do with it.


Have you been running consistently in that time?
Normally what you’ve described arises from a sudden increase in doing something.


Did the main scenic walk yesterday.
Awesome 10k walk starting with a decent 20min ascent (from the 1st car park).
Mildly challenging, then flattening out with some views interspersed along the walk.
Path gets narrow at stages with sheer drops on the RHS (don’t get complacent).
As the path descends towards the river, the walking becomes more problematic with jagged rocks to negotiate.
A good pair of hiking boots is highly recommended.

There is a section where cables are attached to a steep rock wall, which allow hikers a safe passage without needing to walk through the river.
I took some video of this section on my phone…

Enjoyable day trip !


Not for me. Those narrow paths with a sheer drop on one side and a wall of rock on the others are what my nightmares look like.


Colour Run this morning with miss almost 4 (so walked) and a 7.3km run this evening means 18500 steps for the day and very sore feet.


Will Mrs Deck get ■■■■■■ off with me if I take her to this hike?


I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous, provided you have a decent level of fitness, and can negotiate uneven terrain.
I would recommend Trekking Poles on this walk.
I was using a stick to make noise on the ground to scare off snakes, but found I was actually using the stick for additional balance.
I plan on purchasing a pair for my next trek next weekend.

There are long sections where the track is extremely narrow, so any potential dangers (SNAKES) would be well camouflaged by plants/shrubbage, which will make me a little uncomfortable when I take my son next time.
Mrs Deck may have a problem with this.
At some point during bush walking, everyone will come across a snake I guess.

The signs say the 10k Scenic Walk will take 5 hrs to complete.
I’d be surprised if it took half that long, and probably closer to 2hrs.
It’s a good workout though !


Ha, sounds so much better with extra SNAKES.


Snakes can sense ground vibrations but have little ability to hear sound through the air so there’s not much point making noise.


You sound like the kind of snake expert I’d want by my side on a long hike.

See you on the track Saturday…


Keeping up the ‘lifestyle’ change and getting great results, lost weight but more importantly feel healthy and strong. Stopped going to my physical therapist to manipulate my back as the pain has disappeared.

Gym 5 am each morning (this actually becomes easy) - first meal 12.30pm and last meal at 7-8ish

I have been doing a mix of dedicated weight sessions mixed in with cardio and stretching sessions and throw in random classes of Yoga, Spin and try and mix in swims. For me I just get bored doing the same routine, so I love the variety and it keeps my body guessing.

Diet wise - Keto. But for me a real focus has been cutting out processed carbs, we purged the whole kitchen - amazing where they hide - sauces etc.

Spending more time cooking and meal prepping - but I have really tasty meals. For lunch, oven roasted chicken + baked brussel sprouts in a bacon mix. With a side of guacamole and cucumber sticks to dip and some homemade nut mix (humble brag, best meal at work)

It is amazing the amount of inflammation our body carries just by our diet.

I think I have been eating probably closer 800 calories at lunch and smaller dinners (maybe 400-500 calories)

Need to snack is going away, just drink water (probably 3-4 Lt a day, yep ■■■■ like a racehorse) and black coffee during the day.

Never been a massive drinker, more socially - but the need to drink has disappeared and when I do try and limit to Vodka (better than beer I guess)

Lucky that I am doing with my wife, as it does take time, preparation and effort - but it is achievable.


The energy content in the actual alcohol waaaaay outweighs anything else in there. So be more worried about how many drinks, rather than anything else.


Vodka with soda is a better choice energy wise (282kJ in a nip vs 581kJ in a stubbie). The killer with spirits is the mixers.

FYI kJ/g
Fat 38
Etoh 28
Protein 17
Carb 17


vodka + seltzer + fresh lime (NO BARTENDER, PUT DOWN THE LIME CORDIAL FFS)

Yep, becoming a NY wnker


Spot on

Any more than one or two is danger


And the Cruisers are listed as 723kj


Unfortunately a lot of people (including practitioners/clinicians) seem to under estimate the effect of lifestyle factors and general health on most chronic conditions (whether pain or illness).


I would say a beer is ok if you have it before tea, as then you dont snack pre tea, and it fills you up a bit so you don’t over eat at tea time.

Vodka was more a drink you have to get ■■■■■■/when already ■■■■■■, than one to relax.
unless your Matty Lloyd and just having a couple vodka cruisers.

If you are that concerned about calories you would only drink water,


Or, you could switch over to Kombucha before tea, like I’ve done. Under 100KJ (25c)


What about tea before tea?