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Has anyone in these parts had a sinus surgery or correction of a deviated septum?.
What was it like how was the recovery and how was it worth it?, thanks in advance to all you good people

Both my wife and I have had surgeries on deviated septums.

Recovery isn’t that bad IMO, but it can vary from person to person. Pain was relatively minor for me, same for swelling. Took 1 week off work, then back to work in week 2 remotely.

Happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to PM

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Thanks mate appreciate it

Has anyone tried hemp pills for arthritis?

I’m looking to buy some good quality walking shoes and have been eyeing off a pair of Brooks (Glycerin 21) at the local sports store. They’re not cheap.

It’s not a brand I’m familiar with. Anybody worn Brooks and have an opinion as to their quality or suggest a suitable alternative?

I’ve been wearing Brooks for >10 years (Defyance).

A proper running shop fitted me in them way back then. I don’t really like the styling, but think the fit has served me well. Straying to other shoes has led to knee/groin pains.

Pretty sure they’re owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

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Brooks are fine. On par with the likes of ASICS or similar. The glycerins will have been designed as running shoes, so make sure that they work for you as walking shoes. A lot of running shoes these days are significantly softer than what you might like, and also might have a “rocker” that makes them feel odd to walk in. I don’t have any experience with the glycerin so can’t comment one way or another on the actual shoe.


Not sure about hemp pills but myself (crook back) and few family members have used cbd oil and it helps in my opinion

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They are my mums choice of walking shoes. Glycerin are good on the joints. Good walking / easy running shoes. If you want them cheaper look online for last years model.

whats similar - Saucony Triumph has good cushioning also

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Well, I bought the Brooks, have just taken them for their maiden voyage, and love them.

They’re supremely comfortable and so well cushioned it feels like walking on fluffy clouds.


Avoid the Hoka’s. They feel great, fit well and you feel fantastic in them, however they make their soles out of dandelion pollen…within 6 months of light walking they were done. Very expensive 6 months of use.

I think it depends on the shoe and the way you use it. I got a comfortable 400kms out of some Clifton 7s purely as a running shoe, which was probably better than I expected given some on line commentary. They really didn’t look too worn at all, but I felt the need to get something new. But by the same token I’m not convinced they’d make a great walking shoe with their limited rubber coverage.

Which Hokas did you have?

I had the Clifton 8s. Was very disappointed after being so happy with my fitting. Was a long time asics gel kayano wearer but felt i needed a more walking shoe than a pure runner.

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I’d say that’s a weird job from the fitter. The Clifton is every bit a much a pure runner as the Kayano, and quite a bit more lightly built, with less rubber etc.

I think they just put you in the wrong shoe for your needs rather than Hokas being inherently bad. They are a very specific for though. I have a relatively narrow foot and always enjoyed running in them, but they were pretty narrow through the midfoot compared to pretty much every other brand.

Well you maybe right there. If the Clifton is a narrow foot, I definitely got fitted incorrectly as I needed a wide foot shoe. I found my toes would occasionally rub causing blisters between my toes wearing them.

I won’t be going to athletes foot for fittings again. We have a branch of The Running Company here in geelong. I’ll go there next time.

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Tell Julian your a long time asics gel kayono wearer he will
love that :laughing:

I have similar experience with Hokas only got 400kms out of them usually get around 800kms so was disspaointed. The reason they died was the shoe sole splitting.


I think they make a wide fitting Clifton, but I don’t get why they’d sell you it as a walking shoe. Hoka makes walking shoes, such as the transport which has a full Vibram outsole, which would get a lot better mileage.

The way shoes have gone recently, if you like the Kayano get to an ASICS outlet and get a couple of pairs of 3 year old models for say $120 each. The new Kayanos are significantly changed.

I was always a Nimbus wearer but went to the Clifton during covid when I couldn’t get a decent price on a Nimbus on line. Have since got a last model Nimbus which will likely last for 1000km of running, but it’s a completely different shoe to the old one and really only for slow running now.

Are there any Blitzers out there that have had or know someone who has been on a cosmedic tour. My wife wants to get a facelift and is looking at tours but she is unsure as we don’t know how to find legitimate reviews, there are so many companies that do this. If anyone has any helpful info it will be very much appreciated, thank you, Mark