Heppell, Merrett or McGrath 2023?

  1. Heppell- should play on, but is it time he steps aside?

  2. Merrett- clearly our most consistent best player for many years

  3. Mcgrath- captain at some point deemed by many Same Old’s…

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Yes … Hepp should step aside next season and let Zach take it forward. Its time !

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Or Parish

Heppell should be respecfully moved on from the club.


Hep gets another year, but not the guarantee of a spot in the AFL team.

Zach gets the captaincy. I think he’s done pretty well when he’s filled in over the years.


My money on co captains. Merrett and Mcgrath. Langford Vice.


Why ?

On last weeks performance he is still in best 22. Just do not play him in defence.

Merrett by a mile. He seems real, taught by Goddard.

McGrath seems like a bit of a pretend leader. The vibe I get from him on the podcast (which is not a great show) is that he is a well educated guy who knows what to say to sound invested and sound like a leader without actually being genuinely inspiring. Good footballer, however.

100% Merrett. He’s really blunt, and wont be as lovey/positive as Hepp. He also has a footy IQ that’s through the roof.

Andy needs a couple of injury free seasons of footy before he starts worrying about this stuff. His time will come.


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Non I’ll go with Redman. But if Heppell goes again I’d stick with Heppell otherwise it’s McGrath.



in 2028.

Merrett C, McGrath VC, Langford DVC

Heppell 1yr contract, not in leadership group OR not offered contract & delisted/traded (FA)

I respectfully disagree Bacchus, but I’d also ask, where should he play if not defence? I think Heppell’s lack of pace has caught up to him and he isn’t damaging enough by foot to warrant a spot on the HBF, but I’m not sure he gets a game in any other position.

I think Merrett as captain will ■■■■ off a few players over the journey.

I really think its time that we embrace that sort of leadership.


I believe Merrett will be the next captain and I think McGrath with be the vice, although I wouldn’t rule out co-captains (is that something our conservative club would entertain?). I would also elevate Redman into the leadership group which I believe should be Merrett, McGrath, Redman, Langford and Parish


Make Stringer captain.

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Heppell to respectful Shaka into the sunset. Merrett to captain.

2023 Captain
  • Heppell
  • Merrett
  • McGrath
  • Redman
  • Stringer
  • Hobbs
  • The Langford

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Oh God no