Here's THE TEAM (final) vs Pies

B Matt Dea, James Gwilt, Mark Baguley
HB Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Michael Hartley, Brendon Goddard
C James Kelly, David Zaharakis, Orazio Fantasia
HF Conor McKenna, Mitch Brown, Adam Cooney
F Mathew Stokes, Joe Daniher, Darcy Parish
FOL Matthew Leuenberger, Zach Merrett, Craig Bird
I/C Martin Gleeson, Courtenay Dempsey, Kyle Langford, Sam Grimley
EMERG Patrick Ambrose, Ryan Crowley, Jonathan Simpkin

Courtenay Dempsey, Sam Grimley
Jayden Laverde (Shoulder) Patrick Ambrose (omit)

Sam Grimley

Pies squad
B Jack Frost, Nathan J. Brown, Alan Toovey
HB Adam Oxley, Ben Reid, Ben Sinclair
C Jack Crisp, Adam Treloar, Steele Sidebottom
HF Travis Varcoe, Darcy Moore, Levi Greenwood
F Alex Fasolo, Mason Cox, Travis Cloke
FOL Brodie Grundy, Scott Pendlebury, Taylor Adams
I/C Jordan De Goey, Tom Langdon, Jarryd Blair, James Aish, Brayden Maynard, Jeremy Howe, Josh Smith (Three to be omitted)

Jack Frost, Mason Cox, Brayden Maynard, Josh Smith
Jesse White (Omitted)
Mason Cox, Josh Smith

Mason Cox lol

No Smack? Weird.

Grimley over McKernan is interesting. Must play.

No simpkin or crowls plz

Agree Boris.

Smack must not quite be doing things that the coaching panel are after. Whether it’s defensive pressure or something of that nature I don’t know.

Grimley has to play then surely? JD needs a chop out.

Grimley and JoeDan, the Pointer Brothers.
I’m so excited.

Cloke still in?

Play Dempsey forward

No Smack? Weird.

Yeah it is. We need him forward.
Don’t want to see Daniher by himself again this week!!

Jesse White out makes them better

Gonna be Dempsey in for Laverde.
Crowley Grimley Simpkin emg

Grimley just EMG I’m sure, likewise with Simpkin. Interesting to see if Crowley makes it, but with Bird on the field maybe not.


No smack??? very very strange.

Good to see a settled side though

Grimley over McKernan is interesting. Must play.

No simpkin or crowls plz

Agree. Who’s the third to go, Langford? Ambrose to stay for his mad rucking skillz?

I’d be tempted to play Grimley, and push Brown back to help out with Moore and Cloke. Not sure if those guys just aren’t too large for Dea/Gwilt to take the second after Hartley takes one.

would love to see Crowley come in and shut down Pendlebury

Interesting to note Collingwood are playing three genuine tall defenders: Brown, Reid, Frost

And three genuine tall forwards: Cox, Cloke, Moore

Trying to stretch us with tall timber I think.

Given this:

Grimley MUST play to avoid aerial dominance by the pies in our forward line.

Down back:

Hartley to Cloke
Brown to Cox
Gwilt on Moore.