Hirdy - Off ya bike!

Whatre you doing out in this weather jimbob?!

James Hird severely concussed in bicycle fall, Essendon Bombers doctor says he did not suffer fractures

Essendon coach James Hird
PHOTO Bombers coach James Hird was riding home from training when he fell off his bike.
Essendon AFL coach James Hird has been severely concussed in a heavy fall from his bicycle while riding home from training.

Bombers doctor Bruce Reid said Hird was taken by ambulance to hospital on Monday afternoon for assessment.

“James was very fortunate he was wearing a helmet which has braced his fall,” Reid said.

"He has suffered severe concussion however X-rays have cleared him of any fractures.

“James will remain in hospital for ongoing observation and, following a review, we hope he will be discharged soon,” Reid said.

Essendon will provide a further update on Tuesday.



Has he moved out west?
From Tullamarine to the city is a 45min bike ride right?

Has he moved out west? From Tullamarine to the city is a 45min bike ride right?

Just trying to evoke the spirit of Crameri.

I assume the Age has used this to compare Hird to Lance Armstrong.

Blitz.com also seems to have suffered a similar crash last night

Rename thread “Hird - Pressure is mountain biking”


For the love of God avoid the comments on Facebook etc. Some absolute ■■■■■■■ cretins out there.

Get well soon Hirdy

Take good care Hirdy.

Caroline Wilson unavailable for comment

Bitz probe cycling

probe this

Hird’s wife Tania spoke outside their home this morning, saying her husband was “very dopey” and “very sore” following his fall and would have further tests this morning.

Tulla to Toorak - bout 1.5hrs/30km ride
Fair effort in the conditions y’day, nearly made it home too!

The guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

fkin media…GET OFF THE ******* LAWN YOU ■■■■■■.

Donut crumbs and empty KFC boxes found near the scene of James Hird’s crash. Police investigating.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Hirdy and I’m with Tania, take the car in this brutal weather.

Actually sounds like a fairly bad fall. Considering the trouble he’s had with his skull, might have been lucky. Get well Hirdy.

His thick golden locks would have provided extra cushioning…maybe saved his life!

(Track) Stand By Hird?

Get well soon Jim!