Hot Water Died

My hot water system died this morning. Failed in the frost.

So what do blitzers recommend? What brands? What type of system (the ones with a tank or instantaneous?).

Prefer quality over price.

If you’re a plumber happy to help a fellow blitzer with some business!

Keysborough area.

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I know it’s one thing you can’t wait on.

But does the new government scheme and rebates impact your decision.

As in go a cheap second hand temporary solution. Until the scheme goes live.

googles immediately

Unfortunately I don’t qualify. It’s a solar hot water system that needs replacing. The dang things cracked overnight with the frost.

Plumber has come out already and isolated it. So it’s purely gas now but that unit alone won’t last either (we’ve had all sorts of issues with the bugger).

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how many people in your home, bathrooms etc etc?

do you have solar power as well?

The pipes in the solar bit cracked. So i’m assuming when it froze then came back when the sun hit it. It’s the second time this has happened. First time was under warranty.

Yes we have solar panels. 5.5kw system. No batteries.

2 bathrooms. 2 people in the house. We have a bath tub where the old system didn’t have enough water to fill it before it went cold (i.e. not enough capacity!).

get a big hot water cylinder.
Then put a timer on it so you only heat it up during the day when you are generating solar power.

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this may be of interest to you.

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Instant gas back up and Solar would be the standard economical recommendation for just 2 people. Stored hot water doesn’t really become viable until there’s 4 or more according to everyone I know in this space, … which sounds like what you’ve got.

The next gen instant gas HWS’s don’t even waste gas on a Pilot and are extremely efficient.

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or, if you decide to stick with solar, go with a drainback system. i.e, water only gets pumped up to the solar collector when there is enough heat available, so in frost conditions the collector is empty. also protects against overheating.

solar is going to be exxy to replace though, but you may be OK with STCs factored in.

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There is already a celebrity death’s thread.


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Soz to hear, Soulnet. This post isn’t helpful (except for a laugh). This article may be helpful, though.

Hope it isn’t a Rheem. :laughing:

Warning: Swearing (not safe for work). Classic recording from back in the day.


Not a rheem. It’s a dux…

My condolences.

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Reminds me of this:


So the solar bit has been disconnected but the gas booster seems to be working. No idea if it’s efficient at all or not or if will simply burn out cause that’s not what it was designed for.

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Run the bath quarter full, put the kettle on to regularly fill with hot water until it’s warm, get some wings and enjoy.


If it’s an On demand Instant job, … it’s designed to stand alone, and just happens to be utilised as a back up for the Solar.

If it’s just a Booster, itstill needs to be able to supply all your hot water needs on days when there is near zero Sun & the Solar is doing SFA, … I’d say you’ll be right Souly.

Is it a Rinnai?? S20/S26?

All the systems I’ve seen or heard of seem to use them.

Unit is 12 years old now. A Dux.

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