Hottest Indian you've ever Eaten


Curry or similar can only be so hot/spicy before you lose the flavor of the Food - This is not even considering the discomfort facor.


had a rogan josh in hong kong that damn near ended curry for me. i’ve pretty much been a wuss ever since.


I cooked up some soup the other day with an onion, green capsicum, about 200gm of marinara mix, Byron Bay habanero sauce and veggie stock. Thought it might be a good idea to add in a fresh habanero.

It wasn’t.


Not Indian…but I recall a lot of pain from trying a specialist Szechuan pepper restaurant.


The Szechuan (great scrabble word) pepper is such an acquired taste. To me eating it is like a trip to the dentist. Numb.

I’ve always found genuine hot thai food the spiciest cuisine going around. What we eat for thai and what you get as a tourist in Thailand compared to what the locals call hot…insane. I don’t know how they enjoy it.

And I’ve tried plenty of spicy Indian curries Inc cooking them myself.


Did something similar last year. A tom yum soup recipe called for 3 Birdseye chillies. I decided to try Carolina reaper chillies (made by crossing the ghost chilli with the habanero) but didn’t alter the ratio.

Now I am known to add habaneros to my tacos to “give them some bite” so I enjoy some serious heat.

This soup however was pure fire and pain converted to liquid form. Unfortunately, my body was incapable of changing those qualities through the digestion process.


On a trip to Thailand a few years ago my wife and I went to a beachside restaurant quite a few times and got to know the owner. The last day I ordered a jungle curry and told him to make it how he would have it.

Half way through I had to go and sit on the toilet. I didn’t know which end it was going to come out.


That title though…


Not real great with hot spicy food, but have a close friend who thinks he is the hot food God.

Not Indian, but there was a great restaurant in Lygon Strret, Jamacia House, and Monty the rather large Jamacian, co-Owner made a curry with varying degrees of heat. We went there many times and had two mates who even had wedding receptions there.

Anyway my hero friend told Monty that his hot curry was lame just like the West Indies cricket team. My friend got a “special” and to his credit he ate it, with sweat and tears rolling down his cheeks. Monty always said that Jamican curries were the the most “spicy, man” of any.

Over the years met many West Indian cricketers there including Holding, Garner, Sobers, Kanhai and Viv Richards. None of them ate the curry.


Feel like I should jump in. Am of Indian origin. Difference is I am North Indian (more naan and tandoori stuff than curries and much less spicy). The hottest Indian food I have ever eaten was a pepper goat curry in the state of Kerala. It was one of those deceptively hot ones where the first bite feels pretty harmless and then just as you smile and go for the second one, WHAM! Lips went numb. Scalp started sweating and itching, and about 2min in the host (we were at the home of a friend) brought out a bowlful of sugar and quietly took my plate away.

I was only 16 and got away with what would normally be considered a cultural faux pas.


Yep - I love Thai food & as a general rule enjoy hot dishes (Spice Temple is my fave restaurant) BUT 1 night in Bangkok I swear the kitchen were having a lend. I didn’t ask for extra hot or anything like that but the 1st dish was super hot & at the absolute limit of what still has taste. The next 2 dishes were inedible even diluted with a mouthful of Chang. The only dish I’ve had that came close was some Mexican dish I had in Tijuana which burnt my tongue like acid - ay caramba !


What does the sugar do?


Takes your mind off your face melting I guess.


Come off it Barnz.


Neutralizes the spice.


Love that title


i like very spicy stuff, but there is a point beyond which I know it’s not smart to go.

The hottest thing i cook for myself is a Parsi prawn curry - two and a half orange habaneros, seeds included, per diner, plus some powdered chilli for the marinade. I don’t cook that for anyone else any more. Szechuan’s not normally TOO painful because the numbing effect of the peppers cancels some of the heat, though the mapo tofu at Dainty Sichuan can raise a sweat. I’ve never had anything at an Indian restaurant in Melb even slightly bother me, though I’ve never tried Phaal or Kamikaze and similar stuff which was just invented in the West for the purpose of drunk guys wanting to be macho. Though when you’re a white guy at a restaurant like that there’s always the suspicion they’re toning it down for you. I used to ask for ‘Asian hot’ at the sichuan restaurants in Box Hill, once they got to know me.

I’ve eaten stuff with ghost chilli, and that’s pretty close to my limit, though anything with Carolina Reaper is just a plain no. Even just a tiny bit of it on a dorito at a hot sauce tasting a few years back nearly knocked me over and gave me stomach craps for half an hour. (I won a stubby holder for eating it though, yay me…) Bit of a shame, cos at least the Reaper has some FLAVOUR - too many really hot sauces (Blair’s Death Sauce, I’m looking at you) just pile on the capsaicin for extra burn with no care about what the stuff ends up actually tasting like


Hottest Indian curry I’ve had in Australia was at a place called the Taj or Raj or something similar I think. Was just down from the Melbourne markets. Had some really hot curries in London whilst living there and I found the Hunan cuisine in China hotter than some of the Szechuan pepper dishes. In Changsha especially they use a lot more fresh peppers in their dishes and they were incredibly hot


One of the more famous Indian restaurants is nearthe Viccy market, and called Rajah Sahib.

The owner Larry Mendonca is a shyster who’ll short-change you every which way and has been knocked off for health violations.

We’ve got stung twice by him…back before 1980, when it was in Bank Place…or was it McKillop St?


Hottest Indian you’ve ever Eaten

…not sure exactly what you’re asking here …?? :thinking: