Hottest Indian you've ever Eaten

Took a risk on the Lamb Kamikaze from the British Indian joint up here in Kingsley. They rate their dishes as mild through to incendiary. For context, a vegetarian Paneer Korma comes in as a mild. Lamb Kamikaze is at the other end of the scale. Thought I could handle the step up from the Lamb Phall (extremely hot). Turns out I can’t.

Do your really want me to answer the title?


The long gone Cafe Goa, used to be in City Road, then Acland St.

No affectations - wine glasses were Vegemite jars and red-and-white checked tablecloths, their Frango Piri-piri was said to be the hottest dish in Australia…chicken dish…jeez, it was hot! But then I had it when it wasn’t so hot.

Beef Madras at the old Railway Hotel in Malvern (later The Angel)…pretty tangy as well.

Hottest dish was a pizza at Pepe’s in Commercial Road about 1980. About the only time I’ve suffered pain in the defecatory tracts the next morning. Two or three years later, that was the gay epicentre of Melbourne and the restaurant changed accordingly. Still did fearsome damage to your freckle though.



Crazy, please…

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Carlton Curry House used to rate their hot dishes from 1 to 10. I had the #8 but they closed down before I could try the #10.

You know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer eats a chilli which sends him into another dimension? This Lamb Kamikaze wasn’t as hot as that but at one point when I started sweating profusely, my vision started to blur and my chest began to tighten, I thought I was having a heart attack.


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At some Indian joint in Richmond, I ordered a vindaloo and demanded they make it hot. I could barely breathe after one mouthful and didn’t get past the second. And I reckon the kitchen staff were watching and laughing because even they don’t have it that ■■■■■■ hot.

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Not sure about title wording but anyway!




I had a Kozhi Curry that was so hot it blew my sock off.


Priya Rai.


Better than blitz harmony

Well, this one time I almost married the daughter of an Indian brought up in England and a Palestinian Jew brought up in Rhodesia…

True story.

My indian hockey mates told me that some euro aussies think they can eat hot curry, but the reality is they cannot. So yes, the kitchen staff were probably watching and laughing.

She not appreciate the boomerang?

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Had a Vindaloo so hot my tongue was burnt for a few weeks after


I’m one of those Aussies who thinks he can handle a hot curry.