Hottest Indian you've ever Eaten


I had an idea the 2009 bushfires put an end to Jindivick. It had to get postponed (or maybe cancelled) that year.

I went 3 or 4 times. On a deer farm, the thing you noticed most was the blasted flies. And girls seem to have a better tolerance for the really hot stuff.

Went to Wandin last year because it coincided with another trip to Melbourne. Didn’t mind the chance to buy chilli plants but was underwhelmed by the rest of the do.


I managed to keep a habanero plant alive through winter a while back with one of those little greenhouse things - aluminium piping frame supporting a flexible clear plastic cover. Only problem is that you need to remember to water them, cos obviously it keeps the rain off (that’s what did mine in - went on holiday, came home to a bunch of dry sticks)

It’s a mugs game trying to keep a habanero growing in the ground though I reckon. There’s no way from stopping them getting too much water if it rains heavily. They might work as an indoor plant over winter I suppose.

And yeah, the possums love them. I had to put a chickenwire roof on my vegie patch or the possums would eat every chilli plant I had down to the stem. The only thing they liked more was basil.


Jindivick copped it during black Saturday, possibly it?


The festival was cancelled the year of black Saturday, but it ran several times afterwards. Just became too much trouble apparently. After the owners of Jindivick called time I think it ran once as an add-on to some sort of hot rod show/funny car meet (I didn’t go that year) and then it was cancelled for good after that.


Well, whaddayaknow… that Andes-originating chili plant of mine (which hasn’t ever fruited) has suddenly gone berserk! Over the past 1-2 weeks it has become covered in purple fkowers and dozens of green-purple chilis. Truly odd… I’ve not treated it any differently from previous years…


Totally unrelated but picked approx 4 bushels* of olives off my tree today. Never seen even one on it prior to this summer.

*I have no idea what a bushel is but there’s lots.


Stick to Diggers subject, eating at the Y.


It’s the right time of year for it; the plants last chance to reproduce before the weather gets too cold.


I used to be able to grow habaneros, but have had no success at all the last two years.

Some other chilis have come through this year though.


What type of olives?

I have some huge kalamatas on my tree. I did some salted which worked out nicely, and some others in brine, then oil, which weren’t as good.


This is still the best thread title on Blitz.


I like chilli, though have never been tempted by the whole “I can take more heat than you” scenario. I remember haggling with a woman in phuket for something one day while she was eating her lunch. I noticed that she was pushing the chillies on her plate to the side and didn’t want to eat them. When I asked if I could try them she gave them to me, and when I had finished them she looked at me like I was crazy. They were hot but not insane.

The only hot meal I have ever failed to finish was a curry from a Chinese take away at Gladstone Park shopping centre. Got half way through the takeaway tub before I couldn’t eat anymore. Face was on fire.

Have developed a real taste for the Chilli chicken at the food court out the back of Yishun shopping centre in Singapore, very nice. Also had a fantastic feed of chilli at the Shanghai Mansion Bangkok hotel.



I really thought you’d be all over this.




Ended up with maybe 30 or so chillis being harvested (which is not bad considering it’s previously given me sweet FA). Purple-ish green fruit when harvested, but they turn yellow within a couple of weeks of being picked. They definitely increase in intensity over time too. Roughly the same intensity as a jalapeno, maybe a little more intense.


I grow chillis all the time and keep them alive all year round and live on the border which gets the wind off the snow. This year we tried a Trinidad Scorpion, Chocolate Habarnaro, Thai Red & Siam Hot - all still alive but I can’t eat the Scorpion too hot for me.


What do you do to keep them alive in winter? I grew the Carolina reaper this past summer in Melb but it’s looking pretty sad now


One of the Indian support staff in my workplace makes me Indian every now and again. ■■■■■■ fantastic. Keep telling her she should open a restaurant.


Just under our verandah - the Siam Hot is looking sad but the rest still have fruit.