How many weeks for Hocking?

It will be interesting to see how many weeks Hocking gets from the tribunal?


If anyone thinks that Hocking will not get suspended, they're dreaming!


Hocking plays for the Bombers. Therefore, a suspension is mandatory.


Should get NONE.  However, plays for us so cant be sure.


Should be 0

Will be life

I certainly hope that Hocking doesn't get suspended. But, he will. As mentioned, Hocking plays for the Bombers.


Hopefully it is only one match.

As Hocking didn't break his own jaw in the moment of impact, he will probably only get a 2 week suspension.


The FOX commentators last night suggested that Hannebury got to the ball earlier than Hocking!

As far as I could tell, Hannebury went for Hurley first and then chose to pick up the ball!

I'm dreaming

Well, I do hope your dreams come true!

Should be nil but will get 2 weeks as he won’t get any favours from the MRP. Richmond player should get a cameo appearance on Home & Away.

deliberate intent. head sacrosanct. contesting the ball no excuse for head on colision.


4 weeks

Poor record will result in 2 weeks. It’s total BS and he shouldn’t go (especially considering the Hannenbery outcome) but the MRP will rub him out for sure!

Same as whatever Hannebury got

It’s not AFL media’s darling Hannebery so he’s farked and no one bar us will kick up a stink about it.

Cooney did the same thing last week and no one highlighted it because of the no name club he plays for.

moremayojon doing his best to get heath rubbed out ,a few minutes ago on 7.

Hockings previous record should have nothing to do with this suspension.


The MRP found that Hannebery was contesting a loose ball and did not have a realistic alternative way to do so. The MRP did not take Hannebery's record into account. So, if all things were fair, the same would apply to Hocking! But, this won't happen, as Hocking plays for Essendon. Yes, the head is sacrosanct, unless it is Michael Hurley of course!

moremayojon doing his best to get heath rubbed out ,a few minutes ago on 7.

Did the same on fox footy kept going on about carry over points get stuffed ■■■■■■■■!