How old to wear a Football jumper to a game?

Having said that, anytime you see someone wearing a Collingwood jumper as casual wear, tell me you don’t go, ‘dude’, and cross to the other side of the street…


Is Tony Jones going to walk up to someone at the footy and tell them face to face that they are too old to wear a footy jumper or is he going to whisper behind their back…


Early in the year my EFC polo gets a good run, either at a game or out and about. As the weather cools my EFC hoody and big coat come out at game. Jumper as a layer underneath isn’t a bad idea in a practical sense.


It’s an outrageous goal of mine to one day fit into my bomberblitz Talk Hirdy To Me polo again.


Am I allowed to wear a jumper while watching the game at home from the couch?




Next time we win a ■■■■■■■ flag I’m wearing my jumper 24/7 for a looong time. Don’t care how old I am.


I probably shouldn’t wear one these days but still do and have been known to wear them overseas at events such as Wimbledon and Lord’s.


Don’t stop. It makes me happy.


I’ve worn my overseas, who gives a ■■■■ what TJ thinks.


I like to mix it up.

Wear an Essendon jumper to the cricket, and an NHL jersey to the footy.

And I wear cricket whites to work.


I played cricket with a bloke who used to attend all sorts of sporting events in his 1980s Tetley Tigers VFL (woollen) jumper. Which included sub-continental cricket tours and boxing day tests in ridiculous heat.

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Yeah, but since of stopped playing sport my weight has ballooned a touch :rofl:
It’s amazing though when overseas how many people will come up and comment when wearing something from Australia.


That’s fine. Just remember to take the spikes off in the tea room.


I bought my jumper 20 years ago, so it’s a tight fit.

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As far as I’m concerned, my inaugural Storm Jersey counts as formal wear.
So much more forgiving, too.

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Wearing them to AFL matches is fine.

I wouldn’t wear it any other time tho.

But each to their own. I’m not sure why people see it as an issue tbh.

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I would wear a jumper to the game, as old as you like IMHO. And who cares If a bit of a tummy comes alont with it.

Although I also wear crocs.

A fashionista I am not.

If ive got a gig in the members I obviously dress up a little. No guernsey, collar, jeans as a min.

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Yeah its a bit like wearing speedos away from the beach.

Just feels weird when more than 100 m from the sand.

Tony Jones can go and get stuffed. The idea of him being a fashion common potato is ridiculous, now he wants to police people, he can ■■■■ right off. I wear what l want, pretty much always have, and no one is going to tell me otherwise. Quite the opposite applies. I have followed a Thai Buddhist custom for many years now, where there are 7 colours for 7 days. People have commented for years in a positive way about how these colours brighten up the day. Sunday is red, so l often wear red (and black) on Sunday, as l am right at this moment. I am also 70 years old and refuse to dress like other guys my age. I am interested in male fashions, but have charted my own course since l finished high school and will continue to do so. When l get to a game some time later this year, l will be wearing a red and black jumper, nothing surer.

Like l said, stuff Tony Jones, again.