How would you feel about changing forum software, again


Do it

Do it

Did we ever establish whether the hiding of nested quotes (which stops most people* from trimming, ever) contributed significantly to bloating out the database/backup size?
Hiding nested quotes is just a nicer UI thing. Way better than scrolling through endless pages of the same quote over and over.
Make BomberBlitz Great Again
Like Trump, Riolio fails to answer the question put to him!

(I agree it’s a decent UI decision, given we know people are lazy.)

I only make big league UI decisions.

Bomberblitz is the best website.

The database is huge.

It would be great for that huge database to be searchable.



Blitz loves all things Vanilla. Imagine the joy the next time we invariably panic about something!


It’s not the software I come here for.

Do what you need to. :slight_smile:


Why hasn’t it been done yet?

Why hasn't it been done yet?

There’s a problem with your Hot Chick thread.


Any info rolo?


Oh. Life happened. Haven’t had much free time ATM. Still keen to change if I can do it before the season proper starts.


Do it. Whats not to like

When do you expect it to get sorted out?




If it handles all types of posted media, then

If we switched to Discourse from Vanilla we'd get
  • Live thread updates
  • Search that actually works
  • In-built ‘Likes’ (not hacked in like on this)
  • ‘Like’ notifications
  • More organised quoting and replying (click back to quoted post, reply to individual post, etc)

Example of Discourse:

I’m hesitant to change again, if ever, because we’ve flipped around so many times before already. But I do really like Discourse having used it on another forum and am interested to know if enough people think the above feature list is worth changing again.

Two questions
  1. Where do you get all this free time from?
  2. Why do you hate yourself?


make it happen, mr webmaster guy.


I’m with Stabby …


AT raised a point in the other thread about ads.

Rolo, do you need any sort of donation to keep this site up? Or do the ads cover it?