Hypothetical only trade discussions and ruminations

Started this thread because its not meant to be what we “really” want. Just smack talk, and random discussions of what players might be worth. Doesn’t have to involve Essendon. Trying to keep this out of the main Trade thread which should be kept for serious (if often unrealistic) discussions, rather than just amusing hypotheticals.

To start:

Using a few of the more out there suggestions from the main thread, here’s a hypothetical which would never happen in real life.

Would you trade JD out for Martin, Williams and a Giants excess tall forward (I can’t remember the name of the one some on here rate). I’m assuming it would work something like:

  • Sydney trade #4 and #23 for JD (and maybe some of our late 4th round picks)
  • We trade #4 and #23 to GWS for Williams, the excess tall forward and their first round pick. They get in front of the academy bid, and get points to use on that player, and free up space for Cameron/Whitfield.
  • We trade the GWS first to Gold Coast for Martin

The argument for would be you trade out a player who has hardly featured in two years for two players who will increase our run through the midfield and HFF, and are both quality ball users.

The main issue is you’re potentially trading out a once in a generation tall forward of course! We would have to continue with Smack, Brown, Stewart and maybe a slowing Hooker up forward (and Stringer), and those guys aren’t spring chickens.

Salary cap impact might be reasonably neutral.

That’s a lot to take in.

If we got our hands on pick 4, I would not on trade for those two.

If it involved JD, I’d almost hope we immediately traded it out. JD is a major part of our future, if he’s not there then I’d really want the eggs in the “now” basket while Smack, Brown, Hooker, Hurley can be major contributors. No JD and you pretty much need a new entire tall forward line in 3-4 years.

Plus I’m hearing it ain’t the greatest draft beyond pick #2.

If youre trading JD out you’re not trying to win the flag next year.


3rd round pick for 2MP


Isn’t there enough of the Hypothetical, would never happen scenarios in the trade thread proper already?


Although there is certainly a lot of unrealistic or wildly optimistic, I think generally people are making what they think are serious suggestions or hopes.

This thread was more for things we don’t necessarily want, but could be fun chewing the fat over to discuss.

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Sooo,… like trading our first available draft pick to secure Jeremy Cameron to double team up with JD next year, … that sort of thing.?? :smirk:


Now that I can get behind.

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Imagine how excited Blitz would be if we were trading Joe Daniher into the club. Now turn that excitement into stupidity, and you have the idea of trading him out.

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Hypothetical only? Must be the place where we discuss Tom Morris’ reports.

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ffs can’t the shtposting wait until Friday?

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Also the perfect thread for anything Manure has to say.

This would be a good trade ollie wines is the type of player we need.

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If we are going all in.

Fantasia for Wines

JD for pick 4 and 23

Francis and 23 for one of the crouches

Pick 4 for Whitfield

3 injury prone players for 3 midfield guns. Get it done Jackets.

Boy oh boy does this thread feel dirty.


In actual non-hypothetical news, we are playing a final in two days.

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Not enough love for this one!



How many goal Daniher kick?

Wait, we’d trade Joe (hypothetically) for a pick 4 (probably 5 once GC get a priority pick) and yet we handed Shiel over for 2 Round 1 picks?

Mate, I’d be asking for their Pick 4 and next years first if we were gonna trade a forward that can kick 60+ and still to peak.


If we were to trade joe. I would want 2 first rounders and a decent player.

Crazy is right, Shiel cost 2 first rounders. Joe is worth a lot more

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