Hypothetical only trade discussions and ruminations

Not after missing the best part of 2 years. At the end of 2017 he would have been worth pick 1 & 2.

I’d prefer a fit Fantasia, but if he wanted out this would work. I doubt Port would take a straight swap though.


Well, pick #4 would generally be seen as worth two later first picks and the second rounders go the opposite way. But the limiting factor would be JD has struggled to get in the field for two years. It would be (using current ladder positions):

Shiel + #31 for #11 + #11
JD + zip for #4 + #23

Can I just say hypothetical trades for “guy who’s name i can’t remember but some on here rate” are the best sort of hypothetical trades. I love “guy who’s name i can’t remember but some on here rate”, he’d be a really good fit alongside whatsisname and thingumibob

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From here on, my likes will only be given to posts that put forward scenarios where St Kilda give up way too much for an absolute spanner, as is their tradition.

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Sydney out Pick 4, Papley, Buddy in Daniher
Carlton out Pick 8 in Papley
ESS our Daniher in Pick 4, Pick 8, Buddy

Sydney payout Buddy 2 million over two years. We pay him 350k for two years.

FF Fantasia Smack Snelling
HF Langford Brown Stringer
C Buddy Tippa Merrett
HB Redman Hurley Ambrose
FB Saad Hooker Francis

Foll Belly, McKenna Shiel

Bench Hepp, Parish, Smith, McGrath

Emery Draper, Mosquito, Gleeson, DClarke

Laverde and our second for Pick 5


Hartley & Laverde + second round pick for Carlisle + Pick 5

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Noooo… they get the spanner, not us

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Why is Buddy on the wing?


The late career Richo role.

I don’t think Sydney would go for that…

Buddy won’t come to Essendon, he and his wife are about to become parents. He is not going to shift to Melbourne when his camp is in Sydney. Why would he?

Yeah. I think I’d take this. I love Raz, but if he’s going home one day anyway… Wines would be a great get

I was kind of expecting mayhem in this thread after last night, but no sign so far.
Just in the interests of discussion, because I don’t think there is any chance of it happening, I have been mulling over what we could do if we were to go down the path of writing off this current group as too flawed, both in team style (can’t/won’t lead, tackling poor, field kicking horrible) and in their mental scars from repeated failure.
So, something like -
Out -
Houlahan (all delist, no trade value)
TBC retire or retain as VFL backup ruck to Draper
Trade - Hooker, Hurley, Lav, Langford, Parish, Joe.
Total 12 out via trade/delist.
Trade in’s -
For Hooker (from Freo, North,GC?) - something like an upgrade of our second round 2019 pick, maybe to a pick 20 or so.
For Hurley - GC give Max King for Hurley and our GWS 2019 pick?
For Lav - pick in the 20s or 30s
For Langford - pick in the 30s
Parish - to anyone who wants a good young onballer for a pick around 15.
Joe - to Sydney for McCartin and their first round pick.

In summary, hit the draft with a new crop, no high picks but multiple picks around 15 to 30, bring in Max King and McCartin, expect Draper, BZT and Stewart to replace TBC, Hooker, Hurley, Joe. Have young developing KP in BZT, Francis (not quite key but Hurley like), McCartin and King. Mine the draft in volume. Train a new young list with an emphasis on kicking, tackling and tactical smarts in playing keepings off (ie don’t kick it forward blindly a la Myers, Shiel, Hurley, Zaka etc)
PS take any opportunity to trade in guys like Constable.

PPS It’s probably just an overreaction to last night, and pretty soon I’ll be thinking in terms of nabbing a gem in the draft, developing Houlahan, Long and the like, and making little tweaks to the game plan, and looking forward to finals in 2020.

Where do I sign!



Yeah. No way would GC do that. Prying him out of GC would probably take two top 5 picks. And the odds of getting a better footballer than Parish with a late first round pick seems low (to me).

What about Sam Menagola? 27 years old, missed selection for Geelong tonight. Would be an upgrade on a lot of our players.

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Probably take that to the trade discussion thread. Not really a hypothetical, we could chase him in reality.

Trade 1
OUT: Daniher
IN: Pick 5 & Ellis (FA)


  • I hope SYD are willing to give up pick 5, but as they can potentially get Daniher pick-free in 12 months time, I’m not certain…pick 5 will serve us for a decade, and we might be able to split it into two picks that can serve us for a decade.
  • Then, with the freed up salary cap, it’s best to spend it in a way that doesn’t use any picks. There aren’t many free agents left. Ellis is probably the best. I think we would be a chance with our RICH connections, and surely we are more appealing than GC. I think he would be in our best 22 with his size and running ability.

Trade 2
OUT: Fantasia + Pick 47
IN: SPP (former pick 18) + Hayes (former pick 47)


  • I haven’t tried to balance this perfectly with pick swaps.
  • All these players may be wanting to move.
  • Hayes has already done his ACL, but fits a need for us (ruck/forward)…and the SA fans (PORT included) are frothing over the thought of getting Lukosius, who would push Hayes further down the order.
  • Again, SPP and Hayes are young enough to become 10 year servants.

Summary of key off-season list changes
OUT: Daniher + Fantasia + Pick 47 + Retirees
IN: Hayes + SPP + Ellis + Pick 5 + Pick 30 + Pick 32

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