"Iconic" sash is now a wheat husk

That’s it. ENOUGH.

Our “iconic” sash has now been rendered as a wheat husk. A ■■■■■■■ wheat husk. What a pathetic, sad, embarrassing and poor effort by the club.

After such a defiant stance against the afl clash jumper rules, the club has now come up with this.

The club is making a mockery of the jumper and it’s time to stop.

No longer can it be called iconic, it’s officially a ridiculous joke. FMD.

Mod edit for context:


I agree with you, but has something happened in the last couple of days that’s brought this rant On?

Thank this guy.

The beginning of the end.


new guernsey for country round.

That seat belt was pretty bad, and yep, that’s when the sash was no longer sacrosanct.

Ok, just seem it thanks to barnz.

What a ■■■■■■■ disgrace.

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No, nothing has happened to me, but the ■■■■ taking of the marketing department has reached a new and irreverent low.




Thank Riolio for adding the edit. I’m useless at that. lol

We do not need a ****ing different jumper for this game. Anzac and Dreamtime is more than enough.

Mere $ grab as per

Just fkg beat Geelong - you know, for the first time in six years perhaps - nothing else matters


When I first saw it I thought it was a NZ Fern


This club is farked


We don’t even need a new jumper for anzac day and dreamtime, it’s just to justify the club wasting money on fuckwits who wasted 3 years getting a marketing “degree”




23 rounds, only 5 different jumpers. Lots of room to expand yet. I’m looking forward to the exclusive “bye round” jumper, guaranteed not match worn.


‘It’s just to justify the club wasting money on ****wits who wasted 3 years getting a marketing degree’

Yes. ■■■■■■ hell yes.

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Not a fan. I don’t mind the Anzac and Dreamtime jumpers, they are causes/events that you can justify having special edition guernseys for, but this is a step too far.


I don’t see what the big deal is. At the end of the day the TAC, Anzac Day, Dreamtime and Country Round guernseys all stay true to the ‘sash’ concept. The commercial environment that exists in the AFL these days means that if we don’t innovate then we are going to lose money that other clubs are getting by doing the same thing. Be thankful that the club is at least keeping the ‘sash’ in tact in some form. Be thankful that at least we are only lending this commercialisation to elevating awareness to worthy causes like our veterans, indigenous Australians, road safety and a demographic of supporter that doesn’t have the same opportunities to connect with the club like people in the city. I would rather have clubs have 22 different guernseys for each round than clubs being financially floated by pokies machines.


Will there be a gluten free option?


Exactly. Iconicism is like virginity, it doesn’t come back. Playing in the same strip for such a long time that it was a world record only has brand value if you don’t change it.