If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


We might be a B grade team but rules are rules, black and white clear breach by Rampe. Club cannot let this go to AFL spin.
That non decision is a clear game affecting mistake. 100% robbed!!!

Blatant cheating by umpires

We won’t. We arw gutless.


We’re too spineless. As If we would do anything


There’s no point.
We didn’t deserve the win.


We aren’t a serious club. So park it champ


I hope not, embarrassed enough


Myers probably would have missed the shot out from 10m tbh.


Surely you understand that there is a little known rule called:

“The AFL can justify anything it wants to justify”

Standby for this rule to be invoked


Efc - bending over for 15 years.


I agree we did not deserve the win, however it’s a principle thing.

How many god damn times do we need to bend over for the AFL?

It’s bad enough with the poor umpiring we receive week in, week out, let alone one that results in 4 points our way.

Imagine this was Collingwood or any other team, that would be paid every day of the week.

Protected species, Sydney in Sydney. What a farce.


We are a 100% subsidiary of the AFL. They got their stooge in the top job & there’s no way he will speak on anything let alone against the umpires.

I’m not angry that it wasn’t paid, it would be a schitty way to win a game & we didn’t deserve even that. BUT you have to ask the question - there is no doubting what Rampe did, there is no doubting that the umpire saw him & there is no doubt that the umpire ran at Rampe telling him to get down because he knew it was against the rules. Therefore the ONLY logical conclusion is that the umpire made a conscious choice to ignore a clear rule of the game. That decision had a clear impact on the outcome of the game. That is corruption.


What about an online petition? Those things are gold!


Either way, Woosha is disappointed. He is very disappointed.


It’s not a question of deserving to win
It’s a question of blatant black and white accountability.
This is not a contentious HTB decision.
The muppet climbed the post and stayed perched during the kick!!! Not after the kick. During the kick. It’s a very unique black and white rule.
must must protest.


We would look like bigger losers than we already are. No.


Why? So we can cover the cracks for that performance? PASS. Would rather lose than keep the facade up.


10000000% correct
What are we?? The meek and mild Mother Teresa’s of the AFL?
Eff them.
Keep it in the media all week


If we are a serious club we must lift our performance and NOT waste time and make ourselves look like whinging idiots complaining about umpiring decisions.


Too late.


If anything Rampe should be fined for misconduct.

The umpires didn’t have the guts to make a call that would decide the result of the match. Plain and simple.

But We don’t need to cry to the AFL every time something happens. ANZAC day was a disgrace. This was not.