If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Yeah, nah. His intent was to climb the post, he wasn’t thinking of the post moving, … in fact he likely wasn’t thinking full stop.

Bit of a nuffy from most reports.


Except the post shook as he leapt up & there’s definitely currently a rule about that.
Edit: has been covered in above discussion


So you’re saying with the game on the line and everyone on edge, Rampe looked at the goal post and thought “I bet it would be fun to climb that!” ? Yeah, nah


You are not allowed to shake the goal post (on the post, hanging off the post, or shaking it from the ground) any shaky of posty you in big twuble.

The rules say as above unless of course Gil or the umpires say, Well we’ve changed our mind about that rule and get down off that b1oody post you idiot.


This is not correct BD as you don’t know his intent. Neither do the umpires. No one external ever knows intent. So intent is never assessed by knowing intent.


Fletcher got fined for shaking the post by bumping it


Why don’t the AFL fork out for some unshakeable goal posts?

Fkn pissant league.


Yup. If you think he thought “I’m going to shake the Goal post and cover the fact I’m doing exactly that by pretending to ineptly trying to climb it like a pizzed Koala”, … then I’ve got a Bridge to sell you.


That is a great point. Fletch should be refunded $600 by the AFL. He clearly bumped the post rather than positioning his hands in strangler grip to shake it. There is no rule saying you can’t bump it. We’ll ask gil to provide some retro commonsense.


How do you know this?


Interesting confluence there furry one, … and technically correct. But looking at the vid, I reckon blind Freddie can see what he was doing, and that he didn’t “Intentionally” shake the post, or have that as his intent at any time. He’s just an idiot who tries to climb it.


The word intentionally is clearly there to differentiate between incidental contact with the post which causes it to shake and intentional contact which causes it to shake.

So which of those was it?


Have you seen the footage?


How can anyone not like how he handles questioning?


I agree that anyone that climbs a goal post whilst the game is still live wasn’t thinking at all.


What Sydney (and all sides) should do in that situation is a Union style line-out lift. My understanding is that is isn’t illegal. C Sinclair and A Aliir could have tossed T Papley 10’ into the air. T Bellchamber and M Hurley could throw A McD-T into orbit.


He’s co-captain so I’m not buying the “he’s just a nuffy” argument.


Yep. Maybe he’s smarter than you think.


I suspect Essendon would have gone with: Smith and Walla throwing McGrath up…


I don’t think so. I looked closely looking for any signs he was pulling against the post so as to cause shaking, and can only see a direct attempt to shimmy upward, … that’s why I came to the conclusion on intent. And I think if this was a Bomber player instead, or even didn’t involve us, most here would see it the same.