If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Will you able to climb the point post?


Lol, … you can so easily imagine them not including them eh?


You know it!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and as long as I breath.
This has nothing to do with it.
Sydney played poorly and they WON. Sydney didn’t say we give you the game because we were rubbish, no they laughed at us, and still are!

The next time we play ugly and win do you want to give the points to the other side because we played poorly?

If I see any more of this self loathing and we’re undeserving attitude, you too will feel my wrath.


@BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS Climbing the post is going to shake it. Pretty sure Rampy know what was going to happen, he is just making stuff up. He should have been penalized, but wasn’t.

Efc getting shafted as usual. Every person I have spoke to efc supporter or not has agreed.


Stupid question with obvious answer. Of course we all want the 4 points and we have absolutely 0% chance of getting them. We also aspire to be a team that doesn’t require opposition players to hump the post after the siren for us to win by a point. So there is no point whingeing and we’ll move on quickly.


From that article:


In addition to the very public rule changes, did you know the AFL completely re-wrote the rule book in the 2018 offseason? I bet you didn’t, because they didn’t tell anyone. They instead released a completely new rule book to the media just before Round 4 got underway, and put it on their website without telling anyone more than a week later.

I bet you also didn’t know that rule book has completely re-written a number of fundamental laws of the game, including holding the ball, contact below the knees, and what is deemed to be acceptable and prohibited contact in a marking contest?


Is this correct? That is absolutely scandalous if true.



Ok. So someone needs to do a compare versions mark up to see what was changed. May potentially explain the bizarre non-HTB decisions on Anzac Day.


I can assure you that your ‘wrath’ is comical and has the impact of a wet tissue in an inferno. Most of us think we were dudded, but also disappointing as we couldn’t beat the bottom team riddled with injuries that is trending down in their cycle, whilst we expect to be finals bound.
If you call that self loathing you lack some very basic understanding of the language.


I think it explains a lot.

It wasn’t just our game that was umpired differently, there was a clear shift across the weekend.


Yeah I saw that as well. As well as blatantly marking the mark forward of where the umpire marked it when we had a shot at goal. He got away with a lot in one night.


Much like deliberate out of bounds.


The new rules have hot pretty much every time and caught them all by surprise, ours was the initial worst one, although Carey was sooking about these rules when they affected the teams he was barracking for (especially against us).

So it shows that NONE of them were aware of the changes and i find it bizarre that such massive changes happened and the AFL didn’t want anyone to know.


I’d get as much enjoyment from the AFL folding as an Essendon premiership.


It’s been ages since I’ve wandered into the saga thread.


This is a joke
A so called professional national sport carrying on like kids playing in the back yard.


After covering themselves in so much ■■■■■ because of how they handled the saga you’d think they would look to redeem themselves a bit - but they continue to layer it upon themselves ever more thickly. It’s spin upon spin - fining Melbourne for not tanking, the saga, now the umpiring. They are the embodiment of Animal Farm with their double speak.


Jim Stynes ran across Gary Buckenara. Didnt affect the kick but the free kick was paid. Because rules are rules.