If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


The thread is turning into a saga.
And going by your info the points were deducted. You can’t realy add points on and you can’t really take any points from the swans can you. Umpires fcuked up and we are going to wear it.


If it was a essendon player jumping on the goal post and Sydney player misssed. Would the free have been paid. I bet it would have.



Gotta laugh mate, did you see that clown climbing the post? There should be a rule against that.


I am wondering how anyone can get emotionally involved in this game anymore with a bunch of idiots running the competition, following a club with weak / silent leadership and a club that just doesn’t seem to have the answers onfield. We must be desperados.


Then the AFL would probably get you for bringing the game into disrepute.


He was going to jump off mid air and spoil Myer’s massive hoof for goal

Edit: Maybe bringing the marvel spiderman into the game ??


Damnit, for a moment I thought this was a new video.


Whilst tackling you I didn’t intend to rip your head off or push you in the back or not throw the ball back properly so no penalty… just play on!!!
I didn’t intend to make those mistakes so all good!!!


Does it help Essendon lose? If not, then it is not a practical decision.


It was a dog act, and should of been a free kick, it wasn’t. Garry Ablett gets off again after a basic warning, it’s not.

Essendon come forward for doing something they think wrong, yes it is, you are now persecuted for life.


Of course he did. Would not surprise me at all if like Chris Judd, might end up with a job in the big house.


Just found out Gianfanga was a carlton VFL player. Fark Carlton


2006 Freo successfully appealed & had the end result of a game overturned from a draw because of umpires not hearing the siren.


Freo had club officials prepared to make a stand.


Anyone who has room for another podcast in their lives, ‘Against The Rules’ by Michael Lewis (Moneyball, The Big Short) is worth your time. The first episode is called ‘Ref You Suck!’


The whole argument that some Muppet view as an out is that rampe didn’t intetionally move the post. Any numpty would know that climbing a post will result in it moving.

That defence would be like me putting a gun to someone’s head pulling the trigger and then saying I didn’t intentionally kill them. Officer, I just wanted to shoot the bullet." The death was an unexpected consequence."


So now Rampe, Sydney and the AFLPA are considering their options over the fines?

Saying that if the AFL had ticked off the goal post incident, how could it be a fine?

Ffs. What a mess.


Rampe gets demonstrative


This entire kerfuffle about the incident is the AFL to a tea. Make up garbage on the run and who cares nothing will change.


Lol, there isn’t a fine unless Rampe is dumb enough to climb another post!