If we are a serious club we MUST protest Rampe post climb


Love it :joy:… Keep the goal post saaaaga rollin along.

The AFL is a joke…


I really hope it is the AFL’s continued bias against us that eventually brings down the AFL executive.


It’s getting funnier looking at the deep hole the AFL keeps digging itself. It really shows on a micro scale how the saga got so out of control with the geniuses at AFL house running the process.


AFLPA should think carefully which battles they want to fight. Their client got his ■■■■ saved for not farking up and costing the match for his side and he mouthed off to an umpire. He/they would want this is go away instead of adding more fuel to what is a massive joke and fark up.


Or they have a bias against EFC…which is the most likely answer IMO…they hate us !

Thanks Sheeds & Hirdy :pensive:


Nah, he can always say “But Essendon” and he will always get off whatever the Awful farkwits had planned,


Whether the post shook or not wouldn’t make a difference. Myers kick at best would have not carried higher than the padded part which is too low to shake. He was simply trying to climb the post to be capable of touching the ball if it carried through 9 or 10 feet high. That was his intention 100% and it should have been a 50 metre penalty for that reason alone. And that would have allowed Myers to kick it out on the full from 20 metres out.


Shhhh no they dont. I want it to roll on and on and on.


Build a bridge and get over the rampe


Rampe ought to have told the aflpa not to comment aboute suspended fine. It’s probably the tempting for the AFL to just come out and release a 5pm Friday press statement saying they’ve reversed the result and hope something else controversial happens in the Friday night game so no one will notice what they did. They could even manufacture something by paying Eddie to say something terribly racist.

Sadly they’ll resist that temptation, because it’s Essendon.




Look, Rampe didn’t mean any malice against the post. We know that because he told us so in an exclusive TV tell-all interview with nobody. You need to factor this in when you are writing up your rants.


I agree, it would have been much worse if he had intended to harm the post.


Media are saying it’s a free, players are saying it’s a free, supporters are saying it’s a free - and the AFL don’t know what to do!

They can’t reverse the score of the game as they can’t assume Myers would kick the goal (from the goal line so it’s pretty much a given but they still can’t assume that).

The best way to handle it is just to admit the mistake.


I hear he called the post a little girl


I bet Gil is just surprised that anyone cares that Essendon were screwed over. Normally its not an issue.


Just a bribge (or rampe) too far, perhaps.
AFL should take some learnings.


Gil & the AFL continually trying to sweep issues under the rug

Honesty and transparency needed

The umpire farked up. They made a mistake which cost a team a game of football. Criticism was warranted and they shouldn’t be immune.

Instead we get some excuse given contrary to the rules that just makes him & the AFL look pathetic and then a circus around the penalising of Rampe after the fact


I called a little girl a Goal post once … she was like really really tall for a little girl though.


Was she shaken by the comment.