If you could attend any Essendon moment in History?

Similar to the topic SEN have run with today if you could nominate any time in Essendon’s rich history to go back and time to witness what would it be?

For mine it would be to witness the debut of a 20 year old John Coleman in 1949 who kicked 12 goals at Windy Hill in front of approximately 13,000 people to sink Hawthorn 18.12 (120) to 9.3 (57).

Essendon would go onto finish fourth on the ladder at the end of the home and away season and then remain undefeated throughout the finals series before knocking off Carlton in the Grand Final.


Wouldn’t mind seeing John Coleman’s first match.


The 2021 Three-Peat GF (I may be getting a bit ahead of myself)


I would like to relive the 83-85 period.

Sheedy entering the picture… the heartbreak… the victory… the encouragement of every mean ■■■■■■■ to belt the opposition.

I think I would have enjoyed that era.


Listened to it live on the radio and have since watched the replay hundreds of times, but I would give anything to have been at the G for the 1993 prelim final against Adelaide!!!


Mate and I were running late to the comeback game. We arrived at quarter time pretty hung over from the night before. We turned around and left. I’d love a do over of that day.


1/ Would like to be at the 84 grand final, but not as a 1 year old :slight_smile:
2/ 1993 Prelim final versus the crows
3/ 2001 comeback match against North Melbourne
4/ Hird and Sheedy farewell game in WA where lucas kicked 7 I think.
5/ Lloyd kicking 13 against the swans
6/ Hird v Eagles match where he hugged the guy in the crowd.

I’d attend the meeting where they agreed to hire Stephen Dank, then I’d slap each and every one of them until they changed their mind


100% agree

That would add about ten years to my life.

Or go a month earlier and convince Carlton to hire him instead.


I was there… We were jumping on our seats when the siren went. WAS AMAZING!


Shisha comment at the members forum circa 2014/15/16


3qtr time huddle, 84 GF


1921 when the proposed Essendon and Nth merger fell over, leaving us with their champions and them with a disbanded club. Just for the lols.


I was there & to this day, still don’t understand the question

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I’m sure there are plenty!
One of the Premierships in the 1940’s would be amazing, and witness the life blood of this club.

But f*ck it. I can’t stop thinking about 2009 Anzac Day… I’ve never had a high like it at the football before. The MCG turned into a moshpit.


Was there at the city end when Lucas went nuts in the last. To this day quite possibly the most dominant display of football by a player I have ever seen. He was incredible. If the umpire had paid the trip when he kicked the point, I honestly believe we would have won that game.


Was there in “limited viewing” seats next to a feral crows supporter. At half time it was looking like a sh*t day :slight_smile:

I would have loved to have seen Coleman in action. I was lucky enough to be at Princes park in 1981 when Neale Daniher won us the match and that was amazing. I really wish I had been at the game against Melbourne in 2016. I was in New Zealand and watching it on the AFL app. I’ve never felt so proud. I cried like a baby.