If you could be Jackets for an hour, what would you do?

If you could wear the big jackets for an hour, what would be the one thing youd do?

I would tell the recruitment team to focus entirely on small forwards and small defenders with pace this year, and back the rest of the list in to continue to develop.


Put on another jacket and strut.


The one thing I would do is to PM benfti and say this is the year for you to pick indigenous players for us.

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I’d tell him to PM Mendozaaaa


If we were sure, I mean real sure, we were getting a Butters (or a Mercuri) then yes, I’d go small forward with our first pick.

If not then I’d look for a midfielder with excellent disposal.

But to be honest, my three requirements would actually be,
A) are you a clearance beast?
B) do you come from Horsham?
C) is your last name Hobbs?

Interestingly enough, there’s a kid who ticks all three of those boxes.


1 small forward asap (i am aware of davey twins but thats next years problem)
1 elite ball using outside mid
whatever we have to do to make up list turnover requirements.

Agree with both of you

Round one pick is a mid with elite disposal

Round 3 is some small forwards/small defenders

I’d also be asking Rutten/Cara who they don’t trust/don’t want and look to move them on. Not necessarily the usual suspects nominated by blitz, it could be very different. Some more second/first rounders would be ideal. Also let’s Rutten put his stamp on things.

Am I embodying Disco, or am I clearly a different person who in some magical way they are forced to pay attention to?

also, only Jayden is a small forward, Alwyn Junior is very much a wingman, which actually address both your requests, but depth would be nice too.


Even better.

we had walla have the worst form of his career for a month and then not play and we had no one to bring in, theres a definite need now.

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I would tell the world the answer is always

  1. Darren Bewick

make a blitz account and troll you all


Make it a KPI to find and draft more Indig talent.

You think he knows some hidden gems at Greenvale?

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Sell his portfolio and give all the money to Hot Ganipganaps.

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Go to Silvagni’s house, and eat pasta.

I would give the Bont whatever he wanted. And I would get compromising photos of someone who the Mackay twins holds dear.