If you could be Jackets for an hour, what would you do?

I’d throw money at some rising GWs star and then ring up Jason McCartney and offer him a future 3rd rounder as a trade


spend all my time looking for :

a mid with great kicking skills

Small pressure forwards who can kick goals

a way to get something good for shiel at the trade table

delist Zaka

keep the photo’s I have of X and the board in a locked safe

Ask around if anyone would be interested in Trade for Francis

Prank call Jason McCartney every night


Can I get a Concorde flight to Halls Creek in an hour?

Or do I just headbutt a wall for 60 minutes and bemoan the three years we completely wasted on an elite clearance mid twiddling in the forward friggin pocket?


If I was Jackets I would coerce the club to shutdown Bomberblitz until after the trade period.
From draft through preseason up to Rd 1 this site is paradise.
From now until end of trade week this place sucks as we tear apart almost every player and every ITK poster.


Another fun thing to do might be write a bunch of high profile names on a white board then accidentally have it appearing in the background of a photo


I’d put on another jacket and stroll up to Jason McCartney and tell him to GAGF.


I would ring Sam McClure and just laugh into the phone.

No words, just laughter.


Find me a Stephen Milne and a Eddie betts with our 4th rounders and use our first pick on the next Wayne carey

Sign 2 Meter Peter from Gold Coast


transfer all his property into my name


Recruit indigenous players only on the rookie list for the next three years.

(Obviously this doesn’t mean we can’t pick indigenous players in the main draft)

Get in and out of the telephone booth like superman (now where was that incredible gif?)

I’d redraft Ricky Dyson so we could trade him and a 3rd rounder the next year for Harry McKay.


I’d take an Eddie Betts for sure. The other two, I’d prefer players who don’t have sections titled “Indecent Assault” and “Domestic violence” in their Wikipedia entries.

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I’m talking pure football ability

Why do you make out that this is a bad thing? Trade period is when blitz shines brightest

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It’s the final we never lose

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I would take a dump in an envelope, and mail it to Ikon Park

I’d troll Bomberblitz just for you guys.

Include one real gem to prove to you I am the real deal, but then feed you crap for the remaining 59 minutes and let the place go into meltdown for a couple of weeks.

Otherwise? I’d probably just take someone out for a really nice steak and glass of red wine and put it on the corporate card as a recruiting exercise.

Hmm, how bad do I really want Mosquito back…

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