Ignore Users


It’s arrived!

Thanks to some dude on some other forum who made his own Mute plugin. You can now mute users!

  1. Go to the US politics thread.
  2. Find an Essendon12 post.
  3. Look for the little microphone symbol. Give your browser a hard refresh if you don’t see the microphone.

34 am

  1. Click it!
  2. No more ‘lefties’ talk!



Tip: Works for other posters as well.


Bye deckham, Noonan, bsd.


Now now no need to be mean.


They’re gonna ignore me.


I don’t see the microphone.


It’s a cookie thing. Clear it and you’ll be good to go.

Ctrl+F5 also does it.


Can someone tell me what Rolo said?



now where’s my list?


How do you do this on an iPhone?



42 pm

Well played


Can you see who has ignored you? Is that what you posted Rolo?

I’m not ignoring anyone. That sh/t is boring


If you ignore people just because they have different opinions to you then you shouldn’t be on the internet at all.

Only ignore if abusive and even then the mods will fix them up quick smart




I’m going to continue ignoring manually.




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Know your enemy