Ignore Users


Every time I see that I cant then immediately annunciate the RATM riff that follows


Check @Alan_Noonan_10 's heart rate, the excitement might be a tad overwhelming.

and someone quote this, so he can see it.


Does this mean Bob Sherman can make a return?


Bring back Bob!



Two will do me for the time being.

No…three…forgot barnz.


I wiped cookies, but still can’t see a microphone symbol/option.

If anyone can still read this, that is.


ctrl f5 worked for me


Tried it again and it worked, thanks mate.


Personally really don’t see the point of ignoring anyone other than outright trolls that seem to linger for longer than they should like Bob Sherman or whatever his name was.


Mostly I just wanted the ignore function to ignore the people that kept demanding an ignore function.


I find it doesn’t fully ignore and you have to keep refreshing to make the post disappear.


What’s happened to riolio? Can’t seem to see his posts anymore


I find I can’t ignore myself using this function, and that is what would be truly useful.


I enjoy arguing too much to ignore people


I can see you losing it in a match day thread and ignoring half of blitz…then sobering up a few days later and trying to work out how to undo it


Anyone know how to undo an ignore? I just tested it out, and thought the way back would be easy…


Go into preferences, then it’s under the Account > Notifications menu.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can remove them from the “Muted” section

Edit: Actually scratch that… I’m not sure what that does.
But for muted users, you should see what is sort of a blank post in a thread. There will be a microphone to the bottom right of that. If you click that it will tell you who it is and give you the option to unmute them.


Seriously though, we all love the same club. So basically, we’re all good c*nts. Just because we differ opinions on our club doesn’t mean fk all. Don’t hand out personal attacks, and just go along for the ride

Il give a example. I don’t often agree with @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS and @Deckham with their opinions on certain things and you might not too. But their good blokes, the type you’d see at the footy or pub and get along with great. and passionate fans. I’ve had beers with both and found this out first hand. they love them same thing we do and can yarn for hours over a beer and talk about what we all love. The Essendon footy club.


There should be the same microphone icon on the ignored posts.


I will not be silenc…