Imagine if The Age could now rewrite Hirdy's playing career

Would start with:


2002 Hird faces suspension for attacking Spike McVeigh's knee with his eye socket.


2004 Hird attacks Bombers supporter in the crowd after kicking winning goal against WC.


2000, 2003 ,2004, Hird makes Anzac day game all about himself.


Any other thoughts  ?



1996: Hird refuses to hand back Brownlow after tie with Voss. 

1991: James Hird refuses to delist himself

1990: Shifty looking kid "Little Jimmy Hird" refuses to pull out of AFL draft

1999 - Hird fakes stress fractures to avoid drug tests

Hird criticizes chumpire Scott McLaren, to begin career of bringing the game into disrepute. 


Tried to make Anzac Day all about himself, by continually being the best player.

Hird destroys Knights AFL coaching career.

1996  Hird fails in bid to make Brownlow night all about himself.

Selfish and arrogant Hird refuses to decline 3rd position in Champions of Essendon list.  


Thources thay Watson, Daniher, and Madden are privately seething. 

Cult Hird members hypnotised into twirling Bomber scarves at 1996 MCG semi-final.

2003* - James Hird -  'fading star'


- c.wilson



oh wait, that actually happened. 




* Jimmy polled 19 brownlow votes that year - the winners all tied on 21 




A bit like Arya, I never forget the name or why it's on my list. 

Tried to make Anzac Day all about himself, by continually being the best player.


Hird greedily accepts Essendon captaincy

Sthelfisth Hird more worried about his sick daughter than the Grand Final.

Hird makes Sheedy's farewell tour all about himself.

Nepotism wins out as Hird is drafted

Hird promotes dobber culture by appearing at Brownlow with undisguised gouges to face







(yeah, too long, and she probably likes dobbers)

Hird refuses to change his hairstyle for 7 years…