In memoriam. Australian Journalism. Judd Wept

His world view is so narrow that he could see through a key hole with both eyes.


Rupert is retiring. Great. Good riddance. About 20 years too late.
Wait, he is actually going to hang around as “emeritas chairman” like a bad smell in a lift.

The bad news doesn’t end there. Unfortunately nearing the end of Ruperts incumbency in life and business where he converted a news business to a " Reality TV / Fantasy " business, his annointed successor Lachlan has been molded into a replica of his old man, judging by the statements he made today.

The only Rupert scion with any morals; James, appears to be on the outer. That’s unfortunate.

I hope News Corp, but more specifically Fox “News” have their arses sued off.

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I’d like him to step down…in the way that victims of Stalinist “justice” stepped one step down the stairs at Lubyanka,one step…boom!


I think it’s worth pointing out that one can live quite happily ignoring all of them.
You don’t have to engage in the culture wars, that’s something we actually choose to do.


Or…even worse…listening to malcontents whingeing to Neil Mitchell or Tom Elliott.

FIIK why people put themselves through it.

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People love being angry. At something. Anything.


I’m trying.
I don’t always succeed.
I am finding that more and more often I can say, ‘I don’t actually have to share my opinion on this,’ and it’s a refreshing feeling.

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Us engaging or not, isn’t the problem.

It’s the inordinately large number of seemingly normal people who have been sucked down the Fox/Sky News vortex…they are a major problem for our society going forward.


You ■■■■■ are obsessed with this guy. It’s hilarious.

The Two Minutes of Hate in “1984” is genius, and I sometimes wonder if the likes of Rupert Murdoch has copied the idea, and brought it into the media landscape.
You watch and you hate. You feel great after a rage and you follow blindly.



Another vacuous piece in a Murdoch rag.

He’s a ****ing cancer.

no single human has had a more disastrous impact on western democracy than the departing head of News Corporation. No single individual has injected more poison into our collective ability to engage in civil, reality-based discussions. No single soul has done more to hold back popular understanding of the climate crisis facing us all, limiting government motivation to do anything about it. No single husk has championed the erosion of social safety nets and the ceaseless gorging of vampire capitalism more tirelessly than Rupert ■■■■■■■ Murdoch.

Perfectly put.


Never, thought I would say this, but that’s pretty harsh.

On cancer.


That’s pretty close to what Malcolm Trumble said about him, more politely.

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When I lived in the UK in the 1970s, I was honestly impressed by the quality of the debate about issues on TV, ( it was amost worth paying the TV licence fee) The BBC carried the torch, in spite of the proclivities of some of their “stars” like Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris etc . That was around the time Murdoch had entered the UK newspaper market and changed it forever.

On coming to Australia in the late 70s, I read the AGE for about 35 years until the AGE became a sorry pimple on the arse of Channel 9 looking for clicks.

But apart from the ABC its hard to find discussion of issues in depth at the level of the BBC 50 years ago.

Anyway, hopefully Rupert will pass on and somehow his media assets will be sold off and split up. He will most likely be the last of the all powerful “Newspaper” Barons and “cable” is on its way out also.

Its the end of an era and I cannot say I am sorry.


Its a wonder they are not blaming falling dress standards on masks and COVID vaccinations .

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