In Pizza, We Crust

So the man in the big red suit is about to deliver us a pizza oven for Christmas, so I thought I’d turn to my number one research spot and get some pizza advice.

Surely there’s a pizza thread on Blitz right?

Has to be.

So I searched and I searched and I discovered that pineapple shouldn’t be on pizza - or should it?

I read that @scotty21 reckons you should be in prison if you eat pizza with a knife and fork.

@miss_ellie thinks it is only in case of emergency food, while @MattPocock18 thinks something is gravely wrong with Elijah Tsatas because he doesn’t eat it.

The ‘OMG Archie Perkins shouldn’t go to Ibiza thread’ had @Chris_1993 tells us there’s no ‘All you can eat Pizza Hut in Ibiza’, which makes @Wanderlust - well - lust for them back in Melbourne.

@Saucy likened Kevin Sheedy’s declaration that he didn’t vote for Brad Scott to him going for Chinese when everyone else was getting Pizza, whilst @efc1robbo just wanted to know what type of pizza was on the table before making the big decision.

After reading a day of ■■■■ posting in the 2023 trade talk thread, @Jake_Brady_10 concluded that Nino is still off his head and that Zerk can get farked and go back to delivering pizzas!

@Krack broke up with a sobbing @Clone_Hirdy when he chose pizza over tacos as the greatest food ever invented.


@Paul_Peos would go to his mate’s house, order the bacon double cheesburger pizza’s from Pizza Hut, fire up Tony hawks, and then make unrealistic expectations for how many women he’d meet later that night - and then leave his mate at home before heading out in his teenage years.

Whilst @Humble_Minion would spend Friday work lunches at Fast Pasta Bayswater, Calabrese pizza and the calamari rings for $10.90. Good times…

@Coastalpipeline complained about Dominoes pizza that he couldn’t get for free when he complained about Dominoes pizzas.

While @brem06 rightly was appalled at anchovies on a cappriciosa.

@Sameolds2010 wanted Dodoro to chop Ham then join him on the pizza base of the unemployed.

@shalvross reckons Tiamo’s ain’t what it used to be but @Bacchusfox thinks the pizzas are still pretty good there.

@wimmera1 clearly thinks running a Pizza Hut is easier than running Twitter - but probably underestimates the difficult of keeping an ‘All you can eat dessert bar’ well stocked through a mad Monday night.

Draper and hind chowed down pizza and laughed their ■■■■ off while their senior coach was in tears after losing his job 5m away.

And Paddy Ambrose reckons Walla only had one piece of pizza, the night he decided to make his comeback.

Over 50 threads mentioning Pizza but no dedicated thread for it.

So I think it’s time Pizza got its own thread.

Now - has anyone got an Ooni?


Anyone in the eastern suburbs, give Hidden Pizzeria on Hawthory Rd Kilsyth a go. Best pizza in the eastern suburbs in my opinion.

Plenty of wood fired, gourmet options these days (nttawwt).

But for an old school dirty pizza in the South East, Gabriella’s in Carnegie is top notch.


No, but thinking of buying one.

Anyone have a good pizza base recipe?

Best pizza base recipe I’ve found is the Thermomix one ……amazing ……I make it day before then take it out of the fridge 4hrs before you want to cook it and let it rise. My sister did a cooking class in Italy - pizza chef said always make the dough at least a day in advance. You could do this by hand if you don’t have a thermomix


I was talking to a few pizza chefs and their recommendation is to have a sauce and cheese as well as toppings that cover the following 3 things; spice, sweet and salty.

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Love it! You must’ve had a quiet day yesterday :laughing: I’m sorry that I didn’t post about our wood fired pizza oven. Used to make the Jamie Oliver recipe base but in the end found pita bread worked very well for a crispy base and was much quicker and easier.
You’ll love it - just remember less is more




I broached the idea of buying the 16" with the gas addition while the Black Friday sales were on, as I want one eventually, and it was a good deal, but we’re looking to upgrade the outdoor area next year, so decided probably best after that is done. I romanticise about keeping it wood fired, but the gas option seems to get the same kind of result, just without the smokey flavour. For the convenience, I can see it being used more often.

My go to base recipe for the last 5-6 years is one I can make in the bread maker in 45 minutes, let rise for 30 minutes, and it’s good to go. It’s also a favourite with the family and friends. For what it’s worth, I have found this as good as any of the ‘in the fridge overnight’ recipes, but a lot less hassle:

But you can’t beat a sourdough plant for the best tasting base, if you can be bothered breaking out those lockdown recipes and skills, and you have the stamina to keep it in good shape.


I wasn’t hard enough. Should be deported to North Korea

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I’ve got a gozney roccbox. Great piece of kit.

Use the PizzApp. Cant go wrong there.




Kind of upset that I didn’t get a shout out.
But then I am very very self-opinionated.


No doubt you’ll get a shout out in the whiskey and pizza thread.


I’ve read that the wood fired option doesn’t really make that much difference to the taste as the pizza is only on there for a minute anyway.

Plus the multi fuel 16” option is very expensive.

The 16” gas option was $899 in the Black Friday sales at Botanex.

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Yay for the edit.

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Shouted out now

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I mean…I have views.
And also I’m coming off an overnight or two so gimme gimme gimme validation nom nom nom.

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Just had a Quick Look.

Ooni vs Gozney is up there with Engel vs Waeco!