Indigenous Jumper




As an away strip, .. it's actually better than our normal one.


And... rant... in...


Don't mind that, sash really stands out


It's indigenousy


love it. would use it as clash strip. Ess could take a more active lead on the indigenous front.


The kangaroo on it puts me off a bit. Where there any stories about planes in the dream time?


Yep, that's a ripper.


Unfortunately no, .. only space ships.


That's pretty nice. Full sash unlike the joke of a jumper we are wearing this week...


It's a football club, not a political party.

Don't mind the jumper though. Probably wish it had a boomerang or something instead of North Melbourne's mascot on the front.


i'm tipping it's richmond's home game?


The sash looks completely out of place and ruins the look of the jumper.

Leave it off, it's iconic no longer.


agree we're first and foremost a footy club. However, tabbing anything with a social agenda as "political" is spinning it in a certain (negative) direction. Are u against our initiation/promotion/participation in Dreamtime? not sure where you draw the line.
The club continually talks about striving towards being the most inclusive club blah blah... wouldn't be a bad thing to have more ambassadorial activity in that direction.


It is


should have a rainbow serpent taking a chunk outta the kanga


We should just make our away jumper black sash and red top. It's ridiculous how much the jumper has been messed with.

This is a nice jumper but it is honestly just a joke that we keep on having different jumpers every "event" round.


Not a fan of the Kangaroo


How about if we just concentrate on winning a few games before anything else?


Actions speak louder than words. Hence the afl does all this themed round bullshit, but still couldn't give a ■■■■ about anyone but their pockets. See; Matt Rendell and James Hird shut your wife up.