Indigenous Round Jumpers

One thing no-one brings up about jumpers is the material they're made from, and that how that material is impacted by natural and artificial light. The shinier the material, the more likely it will reflect light back at the viewer. So even when we wear our proper jumper, certain parts of the jumper are going to reflect light and that's going to look White. And adidas is making the material shinier each year. The Hawks Clash jumper looks like it's made from cellophane.

Find a less reflective material to make the jumpers from and the clash issue is dramatically reduced.

Silky 1999 jumper pls.

Wool 1970 for me
Yeah, the ones that felt like they were made out of old hessian with fiberglass fibres thrown in for that extra itchy discomfort.

They were fantastic to wear…not.

No, footy jumpers made from Australian wool; from Australian sheep. I don't know where your mum was buying footy jumpers from, some sort of Made in China, Dimmey's acrylic nonsense from the sounds of it.

Beard is part of the uniform, mofos.

I’ll take two!

Finally no black outline of the sash!


Not feeling it.
Actually, I think that’s my least favourite jumper of all time.

Limited to 400. Get in quick!

Arm tatts sold separately.

The grey jumper looks ■■■■.

Gees Demps would want to hold his spot, it just occurred to me that if he is a bit sore…

As far as grey jumpers go though I prefer it without the black borders for the sash

Is there a reason why we can’t roll out last years? That was a great design. This is somewhat less than great.

Gees Demps would want to hold his spot, it just occurred to me that if he is a bit sore.....

Release the Shaunye!

Light grey is just ■■■■.

Go a dark silver or something closer to the main top.

And not to mention we stink it up in grey tops

A black jumper with a white cross. Not what I expected.

atleast It looks better without the black outline on the red sash

Least favourite. Also occurs to me that we will have played in four different jumpers this year. So much for a constitution.


Does that light grey look lighter than usual or is it just the lighting…?