Injury Update from the club

Pretty good news, if you ignore the trolling EFC heading which had me in panic mode.

RIP Raz. See you in 2020 (hopefully).


As long as it’s not malaria.


AKA: “Yeah, Raz had a little injury setback this week when he got his finger tangled in another players jersey whilst performing a tackle.

The initial diagnosis is that it is very minor and we will put him in a splint for a couple of weeks and have him continue to do all other training requirements ie running, kicking etc.

We will then look to book him in for surgery right on the eve of the 2019 season and hope to see him some time during the 2020 season.”


The club being proactive after the JoDan saga. At least we know why Raz won’t be jumping or running at full speed this year before he’s wrapped up in cotton wool after ANZAC day.

Didn’t get a pre season:


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Silver lining, opens the door for another small like Tom Jok to get some early games.


Goddard role : Orazio Fantasia


I’ve had the same injury of getting my finger caught in a footy jumper.

I was in a splint for 8 weeks.

At least he will still be able to run.

Raz is licha the second. Fk he has been terribly injury prone for 18 months now

Or Dempsey. Or Laycock. Or Gumbleton. Or D. Daniher. :grimacing:

Damn I hate injuries! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

At least this won’t severely affect his fitness base. Probably won’t be in full training with the footies, but he will get his touch back pretty quickly. Would be far more concerned if it was another soft tissue…


whens the funeral?

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Or Myers or Lav … the list goes on

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18 months is hardly anything compared to Licha’s continuous setbacks

If a player gets injured two seasons in a row he’s forever injury prone around here… until someone else does a hammy and then gets their hand trodden on, and then that player is the new one that we can’t ever make future plans for and must trade while they still have currency

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I always thought lichas main problem was a ■■■■■■ back, which required surgery which should have really spelled the end of the career, and subsequently having hammy/ soft tissue leg injuries event since. Not so much injury prone in the classic sense, moreso permanently injured and on the odd occasion being able to actually play.

Didn’t the same thing happen to Myers a few years ago?

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So sick of our players not knowing how to tackle. It’s been an issue for over a decade. Sack the tackle coach ffs