Injury Updates


We get Justin Crows reports still, but no official list on EFC website and usually Crow’s report isn’t comprehensive.
There is one on the AFL website and below is a cut and paste of Essendon’s section of that list.

I have reproduced it in the hope others find it a convenient way of avoiding clicking through the AFL website.

If others have info they want to add feel free, including VFL and soon VFLW players as well.


Couple of others have issues that are being monitored ahead of this week’s game not mentioned by crow.


Do tell, if you can, willie…


Hurley and Smith. Had scans today. On 7news.


A bit of cross over with the changes thread is to be expected.


Would love to know where Francis is at


Can’t wait to see Fantasia back!


Any news?


Draper lives!



I just hate seeing that “Mental Health” thing in that list.

I can’t think what exactly, … but I’d like to see some other terminology used.


Agree, that should not be there, I wouldn’t even have him on that list.


Has Gleesons recovery time improved?


I agree. What would be wrong with personal?


I have no issue with mental health being there. I think as a country we need to be more open and accepting of it.


I think it may have. Could have sworn he was due to return after the bye? This seems like he’d be available around Dreamtime.


12-week injury, wasn’t it?

Makes it Round 10’ish


I did think that but at the same time, does it really help? Well, I hope so because I think it helps break down the stigma towards mental health.


I think stigma is the biggest factor preventing people. If every recoils a bit at the mention of it, can’t be helping.


Maybe just call it an Unavailability List and include injury, suspension and personal under a heading of “Reason”.