Injury Updates

Most likely a consultant to Brisbane too then? It’s likely his IP and his business. Purely speculative but would make the most sense if he is helping our club.

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I feel like this was drafted before shiel went for scans.

What they published here doesn’t quite add up to the 7 news report.

So now Jones is the worst placed of the 3, with Cox resuming this week and Reid working his way back again.

Shiel be right

Re Shiel. I’m confused. I take it EFC report is updated and reflects todays scans as reported on C7? Aside from cynicism, assume test means no meaningful setback? Hopefully due diligence given injury focus atm.

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Looks like Davey is progressing well though, may want to take him off inactive to have play VFL latter part of year.

Maybe the hope was all along that if opportunity opened up ie. Jones. they’d be able to



Clear out the forward 50 in the VFL later in the year and let this man get to work!


Must have been a heavy stomp on Setters foot, 6 weeks on the sidelines.


When our players do an injury, we ■■■■■■■ do them properly. Parish still out for 4 weeks, geez

So we’ve got West Coast, North, Carlton then the bye.

Not accounting for further injuries, after the bye that list will read:

Setterfield 1 week
Stewart 2-3 weeks
Jones Season

I feel like Kelly will be ok by then but obviously can’t be certain. J Davey is a watch IMO. Season could well be accurate but perhaps a late season return isn’t out of the question.

Just got to somehow get to the bye 8-5 and the rest of the season should hopefully be fun and with a bit of selection pressure.


I wouldn’t get too excited. We can barely get through a training session, let alone a match, without adding to the injury list.


It’s one thing we’re good at

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Worst-case scenario numbers. Laverde is an example. The bye will also influence return timing.



Well I can’t exactly guess who will get injured between now and then and slap a timeframe next to the as yet uninjured players can I :sweat_smile:

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Smells like the old stress fracture

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Looks like Draper is next

What happened to Draper?

Went for scans today. They said it’s precautionary.

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Heard that one before.