Injury Updates


They never do an injury report in a bye week. This is nothing new


Joe no more this year, let it heal.



Good news Crowy saying that Ambrose should get up for VFL level this week.
Could give us options the following week against the Kangaroos.

Certainly looks like Joey and Gleeson are done for the season (realistically), but we should see Zaka and DP3 play some footy again this season.


So with Heppell, Smith, Ambrose, and possibly Ridley playing footy at some level this week that will leave us with these guys unavailable out of our best 25 let’s say:





Believe laverde has a low grade hamstring strain.


Not surprising


News on Laverde already, but still nothing on Redman.

RIP Redman.


I don’t know how that works. We get an update on the guy playing VFL but donuts on the guy playing AFL.


No news is bad news when it come to EFC injury updates (or lack thereof).


Young Bomber Mason Redman will spend an extended period on the sidelines after suffering an untimely ankle injury in Essendon’s strong victory over West Coast.

Redman had impressed in his return to the senior side against Brisbane and the Eagles, but will be forced to watch the team from the stands after suffering the disappointing injury late in the final term last Thursday.

Mason got his ankle caught on another player with five minutes to go in the West Coast game,” Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow said on the SKINS Injury Update on Tuesday.

“He ran off, he was assessed at the time – we thought he might have a syndesmosis injury – he was scanned (and) unfortunately he does, he has an injury to the anterior portion of his syndesmosis.”

Fellow Bomber Mitch Brown suffered a similar injury last year and Crow said he is expecting Redman’s recovery to follow the same path.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to operate on that tomorrow, put a band around it,” he said.

“(It is a) similar timeframe to return as what Mitch Brown worked through last year, around the eight-week mark usually.

“But obviously we’ll be taking this step by step and listening closely to what the surgeon has to say after the operation.”

Jayden Laverde is also set for a stint off the field and Crow said he expects the versatile Bomber to miss just two weeks after suffering a minor hamstring injury.

Jayden has a hamstring strain – minimal grade in a sense that there’s very minimal fibre disruption.

These miss two weeks and return at three weeks, all going well.”

In better news, gun midfielder Darcy Parish stepped up his training on Tuesday as he recovers from a significant thumb injury.

Darcy had his first go at handling the football today with that hand, thumb and wrist and that went well,” Crow said.

“He’ll be gradually progressing that over the back end of this week and the weekend.

“We’re hopeful then that all going well, (he) would certainly have done enough running to be available to play. It’s whether or not he can handle the football and tackle and do all those other things that the game requires.”

Defensive duo Jordan Ridley and Patrick Ambrose both returned from injury impressively for the VFL Bombers on Sunday, and Crow said they will join speedster Travis Colyer in the line for senior selection this week.

“Jordan Ridley got through the game without issue and had good running numbers, so did Patrick Ambrose back to his running best in that game,” he said.

“Trav Colyer as well played his first full game, 100 minutes, in the VFL and got through it in good condition, so all three of those players will be available this weekend.”


Well sheeeeeeeeeeeeit.


They’re a bit knife happy.
If the injury is only to the anterior ligament of the syndesmosis then the ankle should be stable and therefore not require fixation.
Source: I ruptured my anterior tibiofibular ligament a month ago and my Sports Dr (who has worked with Melb Storm in the past) expects me to be playing in 2-3 weeks from now


we arent making finals. get him 100% right for next season.


So surgery now, and EIGHT fkn weeks, … Christ on a bike … :tired_face:


Brown’s blew out to 8 weeks.
Standard time with the surgery they’re performing should be 6 and iirc Selwood and Libba Jnr got back in 4 last year and 2016 respectively.


No Daniher update. I guess that means he’s not running yet.



Here is Callum Twomey’s effort for today, although Daniher is notionally down as 4-6 weeks away, Callum acknowledges it is unclear.

Joes and Marty’s timeframes haven’t changed since last week whereas Zaka’s have come down a week as you would hope and Darcy has been brought forward 2 weeks, although 2 to 3 weeks could turn out being the same as 3-4 weeks.


Seems as though Green’s possible foot injury wasn’t actually anything.