Injury Updates


Although you never know, Callum missed out Laverde’s injury and Leueny went down for a couple of weeks without any fanfare.


Crowe didn’t say anything about it either

Perhaps Green getting stood on maybe just had him worried about the previous injuries. Sure played poorly post that happening.


Your total time is a month, his will be as well
Im pretty sure the fixation their using isn’t to repair. It’s to immobilise the joint. My guess is it’s so he can use the joint earlier in rehab than if he didn’t have it. Would be a good question to ask your doc


Not sure but it seems to me that the club are actively not updating us about Joey, I mean he’s the biggest name on our list and our most important player we should get an update more often than we do in regards to him.

Even if the news is he hasn’t progressed a lot I’d rather hear that than people guessing.


The idea behind the newer form of fixation (used to be hardware that you’d need removed) is that you can start rehab earlier (this is what Libba Jnr did:
However, to my understanding this only helps if the ankle joint itself is unstable; which in the case of an isolated anterior syndesmosis injury shouldn’t be the case.
Otherwise the typical timeline is
1-2 weeks immobilisation
1-2 weeks basic range of motion drills/exercises
1-2 weeks strengthening
1-2 weeks high impact drills
Return to sport (the previous 4 stages tend to overlap each other which is where the standard 6 weeks comes from).
I see the Dr on Tues to get an all clear so I’ll ask him anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Stringer had ice on his foot after the game

Thank ■■■■ he wasn’t injured.


What is the chance we find out more about Green and Stringer on Thursday at 6.25pm?

Or maybe Friday at 5pm (given it is a Sunday match).


I don’t think it’s unusual for players to ice even the slightest sore area after the game to aid with recovery, I could be wrong though


Stringer was running through the midfield in the last actions of the game. Real injured!


Optus Stadium meant to be one of the harder surfaces around the league also so plenty of ice to occur + the flight as well

Thankfully we have the longer break


Hope that Redman has a speedy recovery and get back to play VFL finals.


His tat was wrinkled too.


And possibly Francis. He appeared to badly injure his shoulder with the reserves. However, he did later come back on the ground.


The AFL injury list again is a little bit more specific that Justin Crow’s report. Although Joe has gone into the indefinite category, which is realistic I suppose.

Below is the text from Justin Crow’s report.

SKINS Injury Update: Rd 18

Conor Walsh July 17, 2018 4:08 PM

Orazio Fantasia is in line to return for Essendon this week, while important midfielder David Zaharakis also remains a chance for the Bombers’ clash with Fremantle on Saturday.

Fantasia was a late withdrawal from the side for the second week running against Gold Coast last week, but Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow says he expects the dangerous forward to be ready to fire this time.

”Orazio, again, we left late in the week to prove his fitness – he was close, he could do most things,” Crow said in the SKINS Injury Update on Tuesday.

“We ended up getting a good training session into him on the Saturday, but right at death’s door we made the decision not to play him, because we felt there was still too much risk in terms of how much he’d recovered from his original injury.

“Orazio will do all of training tomorrow, we’re expecting him to go well in that session and then be available.”

Zaharakis has been out of the side since suffering a nasty collarbone injury against Richmond in round 11, but has made sharp progress as he eyes a return to the field.

“Dave’s now been surgically and medically cleared in terms of his actual pathology and injury,” Crow said.

“Now the real test is that he can get into training, we’re hoping he does a full session tomorrow.

“We’ll be watching him closely in terms of both his fitness and his ability to play the game from a physical point of view, and if he can prove himself in both of those aspects he’ll be made available.”

Adam Saad failed to run out the clash against his former side last week, but Crow said it was precautionary and expects the dashing defender to take his place against the Dockers.

“Adam Saad finished on the bench – that was just us being really careful after a hamstring cramp to make sure that he was ok this week,” he said.

“We’ll be monitoring him closely to make sure he’s recovered from that.”

Crow said he was “rapt” with the return of Jayden Laverde in the VFL on the weekend following a hamstring strain, and said star recruit Jake Stringer is also tracking well in his recovery.

“Jake’s making good progress, he’s been working hard in rehab. We’ll be watching him week by week.

“We’re not expecting him to be available this week, but we’ll be looking closely at him to see how quickly he turns the corner from that calf strain.”

He also provided an update on key forward Joe Daniher, who is yet to return since round seven due to early signs of onset of osteitis pubis.

“Joe’s had a couple of weeks where he’s making slow but steady progress in terms of his running,” Crow said.

“We’re just taking things one step at a time with Joe, but he’s certainly moving forward each week.”

The first bounce against Fremantle is set for 4:35pm on Saturday at Etihad Stadium as the Bombers look to keep their season alive.


Didn’t realise Zaha is so close to returning.


Interesting to see if he gets a run in the VFL first. May not be bad idea. Not to take Freo lightly but it would be handy if he gets a run before Sydney.


No need for Zaharakis to play VFL - he will be fit enough for AFL.


Are you playing yet, Eastie ?


Yeah I am.
Ended up being 5 weeks and 3 days from the day of injury.
I’m still a bit limited as the ankle still has a lot of swelling and I’m too cheap to pay for a cortisone injection, but structurally it’s completely functional.
As the Sports Doc said to me “if you were a professional athlete we’d have given you one or two jabs by now”


Apparently Saad had a scan on his hamstring yesterday which came back inconclusive. Still sore, in doubt for Saturday. I’s be sitting him out personally. Not worth the risk with bigger fish to fry.