Injury Updates

Think it will be 5-6 all up assuming he plays next week.

I just remember him saying he’ll likely be back for the Saints game so its blown out off of that.
In saying that, he isnt a doctor and the club are probably being extra cautious because he has done it before which does actually make sense.

All in all our injury list is fantastic right now and hopefully it continues.

I put the EFC latest Injury report through “BlitzGPT”

Midfielder Will Setterfield might just scrape by to grace the field against the Power on Friday night, but who knows if his knees will hold up this time. The poor bloke missed out last week with some pesky knee soreness, but miraculously he’s back in contention after a morning of torturous training on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, poor Sam Durham’s brain got a good rattling in the Bombers’ narrow victory over St Kilda, leaving him benched for the upcoming clash. Sure, he’s on the mend, but who’s to say when he’ll be back to his senses? Maybe next week, if we’re lucky.

Defender Jordan Ridley won’t be gracing the field either as he nurses his quad injury, a nagging reminder of his fragility since the season’s start.

Oh, but rejoice, Dylan Shiel is apparently inching closer to a return from his oblique strain. And Tex Wanganeen, well, he’s hobbling back from his navicular injury, but don’t hold your breath, folks. These recoveries are about as predictable as the weather.

As for poor Nate Caddy, a toothless wonder after some brutal VFL action. But fear not, they’ve managed to stick his tooth back in, so maybe he’ll be fit enough to take another beating this week.

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There is no way I’d consider picking Shiel until he’s had a minimum of 3 VFL games. It’s getting close to a year since he’s played at a reasonable level. So he needs to prove his fitness on the field. Plus he needs to prove he’s going to add value above anyone he’d be replacing (which I doubt).


Of course I don’t have stats on this, as you would no doubt know. And I know some other clubs do this too.

But that doesn’t answer my question. Why under quote injury time frames at all? What possible benefit is there to do this?

It’s a good point, we are so desperate to be in the hunt for finals late in the season that we don’t send our players off for surgery before the season is finished, that’s what good clubs that live in reality do.


and Draper should have had surgery earlier.

Playing Draper against West Coast over there last year was a joke. Should’ve taken the opportunity to rest him.

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Absolutely. Injury reoccurrence is the biggest cross you can give a medical department.
It’s literally their job to design a program to enable them to overcome the injury so it doesn’t happen again.
Also, 2 of those players are in the top 3 players at the club, so it’s had a big influence on the start to our season.

We’re reporting in imperial rather than metric weeks…

Yes to be fair, i have no issues with then being extra cautious with him

I dont know what other clubs do, no. But i think its definitely a real thing we downplay injuries consistently. Im not sure why

Look at guelfi. March 19 - he was at 2-3 weeks. This weeks injury report, he’s still listed as 2 weeks :laughing: and you’d think that a calf injury is pretty straight forward, unless he had a setback i guess

I was at the club yesterday. All they had running around before the captains run was Guelfi and Reid.

Some sprints and some 10-15 m kicking from what I saw

Others could’ve been out earlier or whatever, but just telling what I saw


Fixed! :roll_eyes:

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It’s a better injury list we’ve got than a lot of AFL teams are carrying right now. For a change.

If we somehow get through today’s game unscathed then we’ll have Ridley and Duz from our best 23 back next week. Some say Shiel is still in there but not for mine these days, though he’d be a handy sub option for the Dogs game for sure. Either way that only leaves Guelfi and Reid to return, 2MP still suspended of course.

I’d take that and a handy win later in a heartbeat.

I also heard the father of Tex Wanganeen on TV this morning say that his son should be back in the VFL mix in a couple of weeks.


If memory serves me correctly, Port Adelaide away clashes have been a bit of a graveyard for us in terms of injuries. I’m hoping things change on that front tonight win or loss.

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We’ve not played Ridley out of precaution. By him not playing it saves Rioli from belting the absolute crap out of him behind the play.

It’s called the Vfl aversion strain syndrome

Intresting because you disagree with a decision to play Draper…the club is a joke

whats his face…gordon?

We won’t. We never do unfortunately.