Injury Updates


Jesus this is grim - I know they’re saying ‘making progressions’ but all I see is a list of injured players




I see a list of mild injuries that are being knocked off before the season starts. The more serious ones are being given as much rehab time as possible, while still hitting round one. Seems ok to me.


The title “Injury Report” might perhaps have been an indication of what you’d see in the update.
If that’s too grim for you, treat it like a Parental Advisory Warning and avert your eyes.


Crowie’s injury update needs to be restructured to start with the good news 1st.

Saad - yep no he’s fine no injury there.
Stewart - yeh tracking well, not injured.
…other 35 players not injured get mentioned individually

then he identifies the injuries focusing on the expertise and science of the recovery plan,

and ends with a fluff story about McKenna rescuing a kitten from a tree for his elderly neighbour.


All I see is pre emptive excuses should we not win a final yet again.



Fridge is one powerful unit.


I think Fridge is going to be very difficult to retain in coming years.

He looks destined to be a mid and a very good one but he might suffer from lack of opportunity.

Clubs will come knocking.


Begley could be our version of James Harmes or Aaron Vanderberg from Melbourne.


Your right about losing some players through lack of opportunity. Mutch, Clarke seem most likely. This is Myers’ last year (I think) right, so a spot opens up. Begley is rated by the coaches and is one of those players they’re keen to get games into. A club generally don’t lose young players they actually want.


Yeah I cant see Mutch hanging around plus he’s injury prone.


I’m more concerned about his impact on climate change.


He comes with a 6 star energy rating.

He’s top shelf


Easy on mate. No one needs that kind of expectation weighing them down.


I had to look them up :joy:


Harmes and Vanderberg aren’t the most skilful players but they are ■■■■■■ tough buggers Begley is in that same mould but has better skills.


I have not seen any evidence that Begley has better skills than Harmes and Vanderberg .- not yet anyhow!


Not Mutch to worry about


All this before the season has even begun.
You are making Nino look like Captain Positive.