So my current insurer (AAMI) sucks. They have screwed me around so many times with timing for car repairs that it’s not even funny. Useless at customer service as well.

I have two cars and a house with them and I intend to cancel the lot ASAP. Blitz, tell me who I should go with. I don’t need anything fancy, just a competitively priced insurer who are efficient when things go wrong.

Sooooo, not so lucky you’re with AAMI …?

Try here …

And here …

I have Allianz for the house as I get a multi policy discount due to my lender and the fact that RACV think I live too close to a creek. Both are cars are with RACV and it’s a pretty good deal for us.

Compared it about 6 months ago

I care not so much about the price (they all end up within 50 or so bucks of each other) but I care a whole lot about efficiency and customer service.

Find an insurance broker. A good one saves you money and does all the work processing claims.

Mine is great, she is in Ballarat and gets us the best deals and explains everything you need to understand about insurance. Happy to recommend her.

I’ve got my home insured with Allianz and am in the process of making a pretty large claim.

It’s been slow. Very slow. The quite i got was high enough that they decided to get their own contractors to quote, and those contractors basically relied entirely on the report attached to my quote so not much was gained for several weeks lost. They farmed it out to an assessor and twice so far they and the assessor have got their wires crossed and just sat there waiting for the other to do something until I rang up and yelled at them. The assessor has not properly briefed the different contractors on what each of them are doing, which has led to more delays. It was 89 days from the time of the incident until the first tradie showed up & he was meant to be doing urgent remediation to make the place healthy & prevent damage spreading.

There was no problem getting the claim approved, and no fuss on the contents (even though payment on the contents took months cos of the crossed wires referred to earlier).

I don’t think theyve acted with bad faith at all, but at this point I have zero faith in their organisational skills so am calling them to get updates if at any stage I don’t hear from them for more than a couple of days, because they just seem to keep hitting stupid roadblocks of their own creation and not even trying to move the process along unless prodded.

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Youi have been good to us. Had a car written off after being insured with them for only a few months. Have continued to use them for car + house insurance.

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We switched from AAMI to Bingle when AAMI increased our premium by 100s because “obviously we’ve had issues with your type of car in your area”. When I told them I had a quote $500 cheaper they offered a $20 discount. Haven’t had to claim through them though.

For cars I have Bingle. For house I just have it through the home loan option. It’s a bit extra but they basic lyrics act as the broker for you and process the claims.

Mum and dad have had a few house (mini tornado, lost roof tiles, needed emergency roofing and such) and car (other idiots driving into the back of a parked car at 60) and haven’t had any issues with RACV

Would 100% recommend using a broker*. If you go a steadfast broker you’ll likely end up with similar premiums to what you’d get on the direct market these days.

There a plenty of benefits to using a broker, especially come claim time as they’ll be dealing with the insurers so you don’t have too

  • full disclosure, I am an insurance broker haha

I have only made a claim for my car on RACV. took about 10 minutes online and was very easy

We just got a new Discovery Sport last year and I did the ring around for Insurance. Most quotes were around the 800-900 mark. Gave youi a call and after answering all the questions he says," Well I’ve got a great price for you, we can insure you vehicle today for $1800. Would you like to go ahead?" Ahhhh no thanks champ.

We’ve been lucky with accidents in our cars and neither of us have had one for 10 past years, wife has never had one. I think at the moment our insurances and with Dodo ( Discovery sport ), CGU for my work car and CGU for the house

If there ever was an indentifiable ‘root of all evil’, it would be so called ‘insurance companies’.


Yep - Ombudsman is your friend in that department



The AFL is a pissant little sporting organisation in a little state of a non-important country.
Insurance orgs, on the other hand, have a hand in running the world.

Nah. It’s solicitors.

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I’m a solicitor and I strongly agree