International Rules 2017 Series

I searched for a thread on this, but couldn’t find one.
There’s gotta already be one, right?

Anyway, I can’t wait to finish work, go home, and watch this very stupid game.

I will watch it tonight because ive been stuck at home all weekend.

Started watching victory v roar last night thinking it was the irish game, after the remembrance day ceremony stuff

I’ll be watching for BJ and Zach.

ATM I’m watching BenJAMMIN Simmons.

I think it’s a shame that this event cops the ribbing that it does.

I reckon it’s alright. Particularly now given that they actually pick good players. I’d love to watch Zerrett play with Ablett and Fyfe and Eddie Betts etc.

Plus it will be worth watching just for Goddard as keeper. He may break the angry pointing per game record.

PS - still won’t watch it

As long as no Essendon players get injured that’s all that matters

Can’t believe this rubbish is still going on quite frankly.

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Then we’re quite the opposites!
I can’t wait to watch it.
I can’t wait to finish work, turn on the telly, have a bourbon, and say things like…
For a few hours, with no bugger annoying me (sorry, fam).
But I don’t rate it.
It doesn’t matter. It’s kind of stupid.
But it will keep me entertained for a little while.




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Connor McManus is playing for Ireland. Not sure if it had already been mentioned but we are looking at getting him in as a rookie.


I will never complain about our National Anthem agaIn.

Who’s missing Fletch?


I think they said we looked at him in the past. He’s 29.

Ahh right

Surely we wont look at him now…

Every day.


Seeing a goalkeeper run out and tackle someone is super weird.

Some great skills!
Weird ones, but still!

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I have no idea why we pick ruckman and tall forwards in this kind of game.

Brown did alright that quarter.
And he might come into his own if the Irish tire.