International Rules 2017 Series


Zerrett is killing it


just murdered someone.


Fyfe is exactly the right kind of player for this game.


I just let go a great big woah.
Yeah, I know.


nice 6 pointer by Fyfe


So good being able to legitimately barrack for Fyfe!


Selwood. So brave.


absolutely devo conor isn’t playing.


Niall Grimley must be related to Sam? Looks exactly like him


the irish are onto dangerfield’s ‘im a normal good person’ persona.


Restrained not to give him one.


Zerrett’s a beast.
Sloane slightly spuddish at this game.


any links?


It’d be streaming off the channel 7 site I assume


The difference between Australia and Ireland.

Australia: Yay, we’re going to win this match!

Ireland: we’ll get these points back in the next leg, and win the series.

Australia: leg? What’s a series?


Merrett is an absolute gun at this game too. Is there anything this kid can’t do?!


Keeps it tight enough for the next game.
You’d think Ireland would do better at night.
Conor might have really made a big difference for them.

Love Zerrett.
Just monstered that game.
And Goddard’s performance in goal was both impressive and amusing.

I wish it wasn’t over.
I have to normal, now.


I’ve watched worse sports than that. I’ve watched worse games of AFL than that.


Pies fans will crack it at Pendlebury getting injured


Our game against Melbourne earlier in the year was three hours I will never get back. That was much easier in the eye! It was okay and love how the AFL boys adapt to the round ball, that can’t be easy.