International Rules 2017 Series


Zach Merrett just racks it up and hits targets.


I enjoyed it.

Thought Zerrett was best and Zorko not far behind. Simpson still missing targets.


We’ve had years of playing this “International Rules” game under the handicap of using the Irish ball. When are we going to call a halt to it finally — and make them play with OUR ball ?


We’d murrder them, they would not cope. At least this way it’s competitive.


Anyone else think Merrett looks like he’s bulked up a fair bit? Possibly for more inside midfield work next season


A lot of players look bulked at this time of year before the running picks back up.


Guys, I’m reading this thread just before getting the plane back from Sydney on Sunday night. Don’t make me look at the AwFuL site for a score.

(Clearly none of ours got injured, I’d enjoy it for the giggles but otherwise really don’t care.)


I didn’t watch as promised. Was it good? Was Zerrett actually best or is that just red and black glasses talking? Crowd?


They got 25000 to turn up o n a stinking hot day.

Merrett was awesome…so composed with the round ball with every possession and had plenty of it.

Fyfe is a dead set natural - can we please chase his signature because playing for Freo will ultimately deny him success.

Didn’t mind Goddard in goal…reads the play beautifully well.


Well no thanks…

We won 2.13.12 (63) to 1.13.8 (53)

The old Connor we don’t want kicked 7 of their 13 overs; Pendlebury busted a finger.


Anyone have a link of a replay?



Did Dessy Dolan, play?


I’ve mentioned a few times now.

AFL media are celebrating that Australia ‘won’ the first match.
No. They are leading halfway through the series. It’s not a best of 3 series. It’s not a best of 2 series. It’s an aggregate score over 2 matches that decides the winner.


None of which changes the fact that they still won the first match


Nope. They are winning at half time in the series.

What do they get for having ‘won’ the first match? A trophy?
If Ireland come out and bury them in the second match, having ‘won’ the first match is literally useless.


Whens the next one?


Sat night. In Perth.



How awesome is BJ?
Love him to bits!