Also - the sash on those jumpers that Madden and Daniher are wearing is horrific and nothing like what the sash actually looked like back then. Cue @benzina


Still paying extra to buy Don, did so this morning before seeing this.
Another Bombers family I know took brand loyalty a step further in the '90s. Mum saw the son had bought Spicers Paper and made him throw it out.


Is Simon Madden shrinking? He looks tiny in those pictures.

I’ve seen him on the train a fair bit. He’s not small at all, must be at least 6’4" still. Of course you do shrink a bit as you get older…

That first photo makes TD look huge. Maybe it’s that crazy perspective issue at the Hangar like the photo of the new draftees last year.

I bet that jumper will cost $500.

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Agreed. That sash their wearing is totally falling off the shoulders and down the arm…What were they thinking!! They should have refused to wear it.


When are these bad boys available?

Don is the brand name of the Gilbertson family. They had a big mansion on Raleigh St that’s now a function centre. One of my nephews got married there.

These were some of my favourite ads. “This dog is good too”

The current woolie is 200. Id be surprised if they put up the price just for a sponsors logo.

If anything it should be a little cheaper. Some free advertising there!

That’s the Goggomobil bloke isn’t it? Such a range.


Not any more its not. Was redeveloped a year or so ago.

And made in China for 20.


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Maybe will need to go into the market and produce bombre guernseys.

The stripe could run in the opposite corners.
Put it on when Essington turns up to play. :rofl:


Well Don is not owned by Gilbertson’s, it is owned by Associated British Foods.

And I think there sponsorship conflicts with our country round V geelong as most of the DonKRC products all use imported pork from China or Canada.

So im not sure why sheedy supports it?

Its a odd one… you would think they (EFC board/CEO) would do there due diligence before taking on such a sponsor… im sure if the sponsor was found to be homophobic they would drop them like a hot potatoe… but make extra money by importing pork against aussie farmers interests despite having a round specifically celebrating farmers… yikes… they look foolish… the whole essendon board.

Got asked today to suggest the brick company which made a certain colour of brick for a bloke doing a reno. Of course I said Nubrick. I was right. It’s a sign!

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its “nubrik” and lets not forget Monier!

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