ISO Sunday Session: Which Freezer Pie brand is best?

When your in Iso and craving a pie, which frozen brand is best? Rules are simple:

  • Must be able to get it from one of the big retail chains (Woolies, Coles, Aldi, IGA)
  • Must be freezer Isle.

I normally go Four n Twenty but giving Seargents plain beef a crack. Will edit once I have one.

Seargents at $5.50 for 4 I thought was a bargain… until I tasted it. Thick pastry and SFA mince filling.

I’ve always like the Herbert Adams pies.


+1 on Herbert Adams


I like Four n Twenty Angus Beef

Edit: Further to your original post…plenty of meat in these and rarely any gristle


four n twenty, I used to like the extra large ones they made, not around any more I think

since I was a kid however I was OCD about the way I ate my pies (being at the footy was the only exception)

tomato sauce on top of the crust, then I would cut out the lid and mix the sauce/meat/pastry together, then proceeded to eat all the inside with a small spoon leaving the shell intact, before finally picking up and eating the remaining crust


I like the Four and Twenties, but I’m not too fussy. Herbert Adams are really good as a rule, top shelf.

If it’s party pies then the Herbert Adams are way better than the cheap ones from Coles, I tried them side by side once and the other brand was gray offal in comparison.

I had a Herbert Adams “with Camembert” yesterday and at was really good. Some kind of crumbing on top of the top pastry, it worked really well.

I will always buy a cheese and bacon pie from a bakery or tuck shop if they are available, so factor that into your consideration of my reviews.

And for frozen pies, I generally put them in the mic for 3 mins on high (so they are basically hot enough), then the fan forced oven for 5-10 mins, depending how hot the oven is as it’s usually not fully preheated anyway.

And I’ll eat it on a plate with a knife and fork, tomato sauce squirted on the side of the plate, I’ll cut a bit and then dip it it a bit of sauce before each bite, generally wiping the plate clean with the last few bites (usually the bottom crust works well for this).


The Aldi upmarket one is pretty good.


Herbert Adams.

Straight from freezer to microwave (wrapped in paper towel) 2.5 mins and then in bench top oven 170 degrees for 3 mins.

Just enough time to make a chocky milkshake to assist in easing the upcoming heartburn.


Needs a poll.

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If you don’t have an oven which I don’t right now then Mrs. Macs microwave pies are an OK alternative.

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Back in the day, when they were Oval shaped and in a foil tray, … I’d haunt my Mum to drive 5 minutes out of our way on our visits to G/Ma in Coburg, to a little Milk Bar that sold them,… when most others didn’t . Heaven in a bag.

Still good the Adams, … but these days the closest thing to that Oval of bliss of yore, is the Square Balfours.

By far the worst of the “Name Brands”, … is Mrs Macs. Almost need a back hoe to get through the ring of rock hard crap they call pastry before you get to what is decidedly ordinary filling. Have no idea why or how they claim to be so popular. Rather eat a Coles brand Beef (not “Meat”}.

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Yep this is my choice from the Supermarket.

The Darley Bakery makes great pies, but I would have to breathe the air of those from the other side of Town.

4/20 are street trash.

P-p-p-p-patties FTW!!!


Yep there’s a reason they’re as cheap as they are.

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Best pies I’ve ever had were from Clarke’s Pies in Mortlake.

As far as the frozen supermarket ones go, my favourite is the Four’n’Twenty pepper steak version.


Yeah, like that one.

Their “Craft” :roll_eyes: Beer one was pretty good too while it lasted.

Pepper steak is the best flavour. Easy.


In terms of non-freezer pies, my two favourite places are/were Max’s Pues in Lilydale (I don’t think they are around any longer, which is sad) and a very similar place near to where I live is Tony’s Pies on Buckley St in Essendon. Favourites for me are steak and bacon or steak and onion. I do like a pepper steak one though…

pie place in bright is soo good. when this is over and i hope they’re still open, cos i am beelining it to that place.


Can we all agree that so called “pot pies” are a filthy disgusting lie perpetrated by the billion dollar ramikin multi-nationals?

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