Issues with Blitz

Not sure why but I get the ‘Slow down too many requests from this IP address’ message when opening Blitz on my laptop.

I do have it on my mobile so not sure if there is link between that being on and the website version (is there an app?)

I have been getting the 429 a bit lately even if I am just searching through different threads/sub sections. Has anyone else gotten this?

Shiel appeal is cooking Blitz server


yep - Shiel smashed the Blitz server with a full square hit right down the middle


stop ddosing the site mate.


Sites cooked mate.

Someone needs to kick @Riolio up the ■■■■.


Honestly would a Patreon for this website would fix this issue? Suckers like me would chip in to keep this site running.


I’ve been getting the ‘slow down message’ too.

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Yes - both problems and longer than just today.

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There is already a link for donations, plus ad revenue.

But given Riolio was looking for new owners for the site, perhaps the interest is waning.

I haven’t been getting any of these error messages, even though I’ve seen them mentioned across a few threads now.

Since a service called Cloudflare sits over the top of the site, it makes it appear all visits are coming from very few sources. So too many visits at once concurrently would throw this error. It’s not you.


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Maybe abit of a donation drive would help. Id happily donate again.

It would be handy if there was more info on the ownership.
How much does it cost?
Is it a one off payment or annual payment?
Will the ownership fix the problem or will it be the same and struggle on gameday?

Appologies if it’s been posted elsewhere.

Further question. If said costs are high could an ownership group work?

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Oh baby I’m there

In my role of shared supreme overlord, my first task will be to abolish the ignore feature. Mwahahaha.


BSD would have an Apoplectic fit!


I know :man_dancing:

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Im all for a corrupt ownership group.

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And thanks for teaching me a new word too

ok who’s fkn ■■■■ have we got to suck to get a stable Blitz?


Blitz to be floated on the ASX.

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