Issues with Blitz

Twitter still embeds on a number of other (Xenoforo) forum platforms.
I’m pretty sure they aren’t paying a fee to embed Twitter.

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If you weren’t receiving emails in the last few weeks, like for password resets, it should now be fixed.


24/7 service!

Thanks been overseas and unable to login for a few weeks. Just got an email and reset worked in chrome but not in safari. In Safari, it came iup with “ oops this link no longer works”. ( On iphone )

I’m getting an error code of 429 when I try to post an image from my usual host, imgur.

I’ve received 5 different emails over the past few days saying somebody is trying to reset my bomberblitz password. Should I be concerned? Anyone else got this? Is it spam?

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BigFooty has moderation?

Years ago, I was given a temp ban for referring to North Melbourne as “Norf”; yet there were comments in threads wishing death and illness against EFC club legends.

That place is an absolute ■■■■ hole

I vowed to never post there again after I saw how they were letting people have carte blanche towards Essendon during the saga. So far I haven’t gone back and have no desire to do so.


Is there any resolution in sight for Twitter post embedding?

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Thank you for validating my persistent use of same.

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pay elon.

thats what everyone gets for apartheid nepo baby getting control of a social media platform

Don’t think so. As per @barry_day post earlier, other sites have fixed it.

elon wants sites to pay him to embed tweets.

he’ll have his engineers figure out a new way to block it.

ummm, is it just me or has blitz gone a tad odd on a desktop browser

oki doki, seems it’s back to normal