Issues with Blitz

Doesn’t do it for me.

I wouldn’t mind listening back to that one…



Good job he ain’t paying my wage then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why did i tell gingers not to listen?

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Prob Richard Goyder

With the servers down, I realised I was getting no work done as I kept trying to refresh, henceforth called it a public holiday for my team (me) and went home, continuing my efforts to refresh the site.

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imagine how bad it’s going to be when we finally win a final, and this place crashes for a week cos it couldn’t handle the traffic.

you all think it’s bad now when you can’t get on here when we suck, imagine how worse it’s gonna be when you actually ahve something to celebrate :rofl:

I went onto Bigfooty when it looked like Blitz was going to be down for a while.

Yer, more brain cells sacrificed there !

Winning equals no one here. We only turn up to read bad news.

So twitter posts no longer embed here for some reason. Any idea if this is a Blitz problem or a twitter problem?

edit: seems this is a twitter thing but this post on another forum suggests there are workarounds?


Twitter still embeds on a number of other (Xenoforo) forum platforms.
I’m pretty sure they aren’t paying a fee to embed Twitter.

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